Street Art by Hopare

Gdynia -Poland by Hopare

Alexandre Monteiro, aka HOPARE is a french artist who created portraits street artworks in Paris, Venice and Montreal by combining abstraction and figuration in a dynamic resurrecting memories of Italian futurism of the early twentieth century. He experimented a variety of skill variations in line, color, applications with brushes, aerosols, markers and rollers, and have touched with his unique graffiti style for “silk ribbons” delimited “son of nylon” black with great detail.

Music for the eyes by Hopare

Hate Love by Hopare

Place To'ata Tahiti by Hopare

Orsay city by Hopare

Paris 2014 by Hopare

Tallinn - Estonie by Hopare

The street has charm by Hopare

Urban safari by Hopare

1 by Hopare

2 by Hopare

3 by Hopare

Limours by Hopare

Limours tdf

Lisbon by Hopare

Paris by Hopare

private client by Hopare

stolen glance-Hongkong by Hopare

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