Street Photography by Leanne Boulton

Leanne Boulton is a Glasgow, UK based photographer who is passionate for capturing life and how it interacts with, adapts to and alters the immediate natural environment. On an artistic level she is drawn towards street photography, the urban landscape and nature. Preserving those often missed, and seemingly insignificant, fleeting moments that make life special and a joy to behold.


















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  1. Hi Leanne, I am the syllabus secretary for Alba Photographic Society and am in the process of arranging speakers for next session (sept2016-apr2017). You have been given a glowing endorsement by Airdrie&coatbridge camera club who visited us last week and were singing your praises.
    During a recent club survey several of our Alba members expressed an interest in street photography although none of us know how to go about it. If you would consider coming along to help us, that would be fantastic. We are able to pay modest expenses. If you are interested please get in touch via my email. Thanks Leanne. Alan

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