Surreal Paintings by Mihai Criste

The biography of posterity

Mihai Criste is a creative Romanian artist who is fascinated by abstraction, mystery and surrealism. Inspired by famous surrealists like Dali and Magritte, Criste soon found that he would need to move beyond their influences in order to truly find his own unique style of painting.

“My work is influenced by my studies of graphic art in the Art academy. My senses and seminification work together with my technical knowledge, which allows me to transcend my training into surrealistic creations.”

Some of his surrealist paintings have religious influences through the use of symbols such as apple, tree, snake, blood, candle, etc. When dealing with his favorite subjects – nature, time, existence, art; The artist will usually juxtaposes the metaphysical and the transcendental as a contact point to convey what he see’s as the sacred and the profane.

Time wreck

Time is soul

The lost secret

The last paradox

The diary of the tides

Under the sign of family

Touching the impossible

Temporal rest

Soul mate

Rien ne se perd… tout se transforme

Pudicity of autumn

Perpetuance of vice

Naufragiul timpului

Jurnal de bord

Incarnated logos

Dogmatic egg

All the world is a stage

Alchemy of knowledge

International advertising art

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