Tattoo Designs by Mariola Weiss

Dead girl tattoo flash

Mariola Weiss, aka OldSkullLove is an artist who created fantastic drawings for tattoo. Her works are composed of zombie portraits, skull and rose with a nice touch of color.

Raven and skull tattoo design


Butterfly tattoo design

Dead head tattoo flash

Dead head with skull tattoo design


Always together tattoo flash

Dead head with insect tattoo design d5yjqsq


Blind tattoo design

Dead heads with raven tattoo design


Dead twins tattoo flash

Eve tattoo design

Girl with rose tattoo flash

Heart tattoo flash

Lend me a life tattoo flash

Third eye tattoo flash

Skull tattoo design

Dagger tattoo design

Muerte tattoo flash

Dead girl with rose tattoo flash


Crow tattoo design

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