The Armada House

The Armada House was designed by Canadian studio KB Design and built in 2007 by Abstract Developments. This 5,299 square foot modern post and beam home is located in the Ten Mile Point/Wedgewood Estates neighborhood of Victoria, British Columbia in Canada.

















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  1. Who would want to live in it, give me a large Victorian detached with all its original features, six bedrooms and a gorgeous black and white tiled bathroom, thats a house you could ‘live’ in.

    • I love idiots like Robert. Just because *he* doesn’t like it, he can’t conceive of how anyone else would. I hope he doesn’t vote or breed…

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the way the wood is used in both the interior and exterior.

    • This house is to good architecture what elevator muzak is to classical music
      It is a sad example of what too much money in the hands of a self entitled lost sole would think could bring any real happiness..Nothing personal, but the endorsment of this over blown pile of crap coming from a ” Architectural Social Network” is truly disapointing

  3. House looks really uncomfortable – would sell that on straight away if it was mine. Too many angles that leave you exposed. (just imagine you would be alone in that house!) When you sit in the lounge you look at the dining chairs instead of the view, the bath tub looks unsafe, and the placement of the windows in the bedrooms would make me feel uncomfortable in bed. Great design of a house with no consideration of how would comfortably live in it.

  4. This house is spectacular! I would live in it in a second! I feel like it would be able to encompass the perfect life

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