1. Make up, Photo Shop, professional Cameras and a completely redone hair style. Yea…not that amazing. Spend 5 hours dressing up shit and itll be a very pretty piece of shit.

  2. Some of them are okay but I think for the most part the make up just made them look like hookers.

  3. OMG. I don’t care what these people are saying… Sorry but I LOVE this. Freaking amazing.

  4. To be honest, I find this to be amazing and probably very worth it for those women. They probably needed that confidence boost and you know what.. GO THEM and the hair and make-up crew.. btw.. the last chick on here.. hot as hell.. just saying.

  5. Nothing like excessive makeup to make people think the naturalness they were born with isn’t good enough….

  6. wow… slap on that whore paint!, makeup is to enhance natural features not make people look scary!

  7. Some of these women look better or at least a little more put together, but saying its all make-up? Its as much photo editing as it is make-up, not to mention creative lighting and camera work.

    And the make-up is so heavy-handed on many of these they just look like cheap tarts.

    Where’s bringing out the natural beauty?

  8. I’m all for trying to applaud ‘talent’, but no amount of makeup talent would make people’s basic face shape change so drastically. I’m sorry, I call Bullshit with Photoshop. I’ve done it to alter faces, everyone can do it. It isnt makeup.

  9. Miracle? wat kinda miracle? Some of them look whole a lot better without makeup!!!!

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