165 Unique Sternum Tattoo Designs for Women

In the realm of body art, there’s a captivating trend that’s been steadily etching its way into the hearts of women worldwide: sternum tattoos. This unique placement is not just another area to ink; it’s a delicate balance between an intimate personal statement and an opportunity to make a bold and beautiful declaration. Located beneath the collarbone and above the breasts, these tattoos offer a special allure and mystique that are unmatched in the world of tattoos.

Why Women Choose Sternum Tattoos

So, what draws women to this specific spot? It’s a blend of personal aesthetics and deeper symbolism. For some, it’s about adorning their bodies in a way that feels empowering and deeply personal. The sternum tattoo is often a private gem, a piece of art that can be shared or concealed as desired, giving the wearer control over who sees this intimate expression.

The choice to place art on the sternum is also about confidence. It’s a declaration of owning one’s body and celebrating it with a design that can be as intricate or as simple as the wearer desires. This confidence comes not just from the ink itself, but from the journey of choosing a piece that resonates on a personal level, in a place that is central to one’s physical being.

Unique Sternum Tattoo Designs Tailored for Women

The designs that adorn the sternum are as varied as the women who wear them. They’re the perfect blend of audacity and subtlety, allowing you to showcase a piece of art that’s close to your heart—literally. Let’s plunge into the world of sternum tattoo designs, where every ink tells a tale and every design is a whisper of the soul.

Flower Sternum Tattoo

Flowers are a celebration of nature’s diversity, each with its own symbolism and beauty. Whether it’s the resilience of a lotus, the love associated with roses, or the purity of lilies, a flower sternum tattoo is a bloom of life etched onto the skin, a garden of personal significance.

Lily of the valley with butterfly tattoo

Lily of the valley with butterfly sternum tattoo

Combine the delicate lily of the valley with the transformative beauty of a butterfly for a sternum tattoo that’s both tender and potent. This pairing is a dance of nature, a symbol of rebirth and the joy of life. It’s a design that can capture a sense of purity and the beauty of new beginnings.

Watercolor flowers sternum tattoo

Watercolor flowers sternum tattoo

Imagine a splash of colors blossoming right on your sternum; this is the magic of watercolor flower tattoos. The fluidity of the watercolor technique brings flowers to life with an ethereal, dreamlike quality. It’s a design choice that’s both whimsical and profound, evoking the sense of a painting that refuses to be confined by lines, much like nature itself.

Yellow koi fish and lotus flower tattoo

Yellow koi fish and lotus flower sternum tattoo

Dive into the depths of symbolism with a tattoo that unites the vibrant energy of a yellow koi fish with the serene bloom of a lotus flower. This design is a visual symphony, a balance of movement and tranquility. The koi, with its connotations of perseverance, and the lotus, a symbol of purity, create a narrative of triumph over adversity, right over your heart.

A bouquet of flowers

A bouquet of flowers sternum tattoo traditional

Why settle for one when you can have a bouquet? Traditional sternum tattoos featuring a variety of flowers offer a classic aesthetic with a personal touch. Each flower in the bouquet can represent a different aspect of your life, a loved one, or a cherished memory. It’s a garden of personal significance, a traditional take on the sternum tattoo that speaks volumes.

Black and grey peony flowers tattoo

black and grey peony flowers sternum tattoo

There’s something undeniably sophisticated about black and grey tattoos, and when it comes to peonies, this style accentuates their elegance. The intricate details of the peony petals come to life in gradients of grey, creating a stunning 3D effect that makes the flower seem to bloom from your skin. It’s a timeless choice for those who appreciate the classic side of ink.

Cherry blossom sternum tattoo

Cherry blossom sternum tattoo

Cherry blossoms, with their delicate petals and profound symbolism, make for an enchanting sternum tattoo. They are a reminder of life’s fleeting nature, a prompt to live in the moment. A cherry blossom sternum tattoo is not just a mark of beauty; it’s a declaration of embracing change and the ephemeral nature of existence.

Floral tattoo

Floral sternum tattoo

Floral sternum tattoos can range from a single, striking flower to an intricate pattern of foliage and blooms. This design is all about growth, a visual representation of the wearer’s personal blossoming. It’s a versatile choice that can be tailored to any preference, from wildflowers to exotic species, making it a unique testament to individuality.

Plum blossom sternum tattoo

Plum blossom sternum tattoo

Plum blossoms, known for their resilience and ability to bloom in the cold of winter, offer a sternum tattoo design that’s both striking and meaningful. This is a tattoo for the survivors, for those who have weathered life’s winters and emerged in bloom. The plum blossom is a celebration of endurance and the promise of renewal.

Purple iris tattoo

Purple iris sternum tattoo

With its majestic hues and regal presence, the iris is a natural choice for a sternum tattoo. A purple iris, in particular, can symbolize wisdom, hope, or even royalty. It’s a design that carries a sense of dignity and sophistication, perfect for those who carry themselves with an air of quiet confidence.

Spider lily sternum tattoo

Spider lily sternum tattoo

The spider lily, with its striking appearance and rich folkloric background, is a tattoo choice for those drawn to the more mysterious side of flora. It’s a bloom often associated with final goodbyes, making it a poignant and powerful symbol for a sternum tattoo. The spider lily speaks of beauty that thrives on the edges of the known.

Spider web sternum tattoo with a spider

Spider web sternum tattoo with a spider

For a sternum tattoo that’s as intriguing as it is edgy, consider a spider web with a lurking spider. This design can symbolize fate, destiny, or the intricate webs we weavein our lives. It’s a motif that captures the inevitable interconnectivity of our choices and experiences, with the spider itself embodying creativity and the power to construct one’s path.

Sunflower sternum tattoo

Sunflower sternum tattoo

A sunflower sternum design radiates positivity and warmth, much like the flower that turns its head to follow the sun’s journey across the sky. This joyous bloom represents happiness, vitality, and unwavering faith. For those who wear it, the sunflower is a constant reminder to seek out the light, even on cloudy days.

Minimalist Sternum Tattoo

Who says you need to go big to make an impact? Minimalist sternum tattoos prove that less is often more. Simple lines, delicate shapes, and understated imagery come together to create a tattoo that’s both elegant and edgy. This style is perfect for the ink aficionado who appreciates the “whisper” over the “shout” in the conversation of body art.

Minimalist snake sternum tattoo

Minimalist sternum tattoo

Minimalist leaves and flowers sternum tattoo

Minimalist Leaves sternum tattoo

Angel Sternum Tattoos

Imagine the soft flutter of angelic wings upon your skin, an angel sternum tattoo that’s both a guardian and a statement. These tattoos often feature ethereal beings, complete with feathers that flit and float across the skin. They can signify protection, purity, or a tribute to someone special—a heavenly touch in a mortal world.

Falling angel sternum tattoo

Sitting angel sternum tattoo

Animal Skull Sternum Tattoos

Animal skull tattoos bring a touch of the wild right to the heart’s doorstep. They’re a nod to the cycle of life and death, to the raw beauty of nature. Often detailed and striking, these designs can be a deer with antlers that stretch like intricate branches or a fierce predator’s skull that embodies strength and wild spirit.

Cow skull with dagger sternum tattoo

Lamb skull sternum tattoo

Bird skull with leaves and spider web sternum tattoo

Aries Ram Skull Sternum Tattoo

For the Aries out there, a ram skull sternum tattoo is a fierce choice. It’s a bold representation of this fire sign, with horns that can be stylized in infinite ways—curved, ornate, or geometric. This tattoo is a battle cry, a symbol of leadership and courage, mirroring the wearer’s own tenacity.

Aries ram skull sternum tattoo

Ram skull Aries sternum tattoo

Bat Sternum Tattoos

Bats, creatures of the night, translate into captivating tattoos. A bat sternum tattoo, with wings outstretched, speaks to themes of rebirth, intuition, and the unseen layers of reality. It’s for those who find beauty in the dusk, who are unafraid to embrace the enigmatic and the misunderstood.

Feminine bat with pendant sternum tattoo black and grey

Hanging bat with crescent moon sternum tattoo

Hanging bat with flower sternum tattoo

Hanging bat with moth and bees sternum tattoo

Black bat with crescent moon sternum tattoo

Dainty hanging bat sternum tattoo

Bee Sternum Tattoos

Bee sternum tattoos are small but mighty, a buzz of life in a delicate form. They symbolize hard work, community, and the sweetness of life. With wings that gently hug the curves of the body, bee tattoos can be minimalist or detailed, but they’re always a tribute to the tireless spirit of these essential creatures.

Bee and honeycomb with ferns and flowers sternum tattoo

Bee and honeycomb with flowers under boob tattoo

Dainty bee with flowers sternum tattoo

Bee and flowers with sun and moon sternum tattoo

Beetle Leaves Sternum Tattoos

For a tattoo that’s a sanctuary of calm, consider beetle leaves sternum tattoos. These designs weave the natural world into a tapestry of greens and earthy hues, creating a sense of growth right over your heart. Whether it’s a single leaf or a cluster, they represent a life lived in harmony with nature.

Beetle with ginkgo leaves

Feminine beetle sternum tattoo

Bird Sternum Tattoos

Bird sternum tattoos are about the open sky and the yearning for freedom. From the solitary raven to a flock of sparrows, these designs capture the essence of flight and the aspiration to soar. They’re often chosen by those who value liberty and who wish to spread their own wings.

Birds sternum tattoo

Black and white bird sternum Tattoo

A bird flying high towards the sun sternum outline tattoo

Butterfly Sternum Tattoo

Butterfly sternum tattoos are more than just pretty; they’re a metamorphosis frozen in ink. They speak to transformation, resilience, and the delicate dance of life. With wings that can be as vibrant or as subtle as the wearer desires, these tattoos remind us of the beauty in change and the fleeting nature of existence.

Butterfly with sun underboob tattoo

Dotwork butterfly and rose sternum tattoo

Monarch butterfly with leaves and flowers sternum tattoo

Peacock butterfly sternum tattoo

Butterfly with crescent moon pendant underboob tattoo

Butterfly with dagger underboob tattoo

Celtic Knot Sternum Tattoo

Celtic knot sternum tattoos are a maze of endless lines, a heritage woven into the skin. These tattoos often feature the triquetra or other traditional Celtic motifs, symbolizing eternal life and the interconnectedness of all things. They’re a timeless choice, rich in history and meaning.

Celtic knot sternum tattoo

Feminine celtic knot with pendant sternum tattoo

Claddagh Sternum Tattoos

Now, let’s talk about Claddagh sternum tattoos, which feature two hands clasping a heart topped with a crown. This Irish symbol embodies love, loyalty, and friendship—a trinity of virtues that can be close to one’s heart, quite literally. It’s a design that can represent personal relationships or an ancestral nod to Celtic roots.

Black and white Claddagh sternum tattoo

Claddagh sternum tattoo

American traditional claddagh sternum tattoo

Cross Sternum Tattoo

The cross, a symbol that transcends time, finds a unique expression in sternum tattoos. Whether you’re drawn to its spiritual significance, its historical roots, or simply its aesthetic symmetry, a cross sternum tattoo stands guard over your spirit. It can be as ornate or as minimal as you wish, but its presence is always profound.

Dagger cross sternum tattoo

Stylish cross sternum tattoo

Cross with wings sternum tattoo

The Whisper of Finesse

Dainty sternum tattoos speak in hushed tones. They’re the soft touch amidst the bold statements, perfect for those who prefer their ink to be a subtle side note rather than the entire narrative. Think fine lines, delicate patterns, and a gentle grace that mirrors the soft curves of the body.

Dainty peony and forget ne not sternum tattoo

Dainty peony sternum tattoo black and grey

Death Moth Sternum Tattoos

Now, let’s shift to the enigmatic allure of death moth sternum tattoos. With wings spread wide, these creatures are symbols of transformation and the ephemeral nature of life. They hold a certain gothic charm, a nod to the beauty found in darkness and the intrigue of the unknown.

Death moth sternum tattoo

Death moth with flowers sternum tattoo

Death moth and all seeing eye sternum tattoo

Dragon Sternum Tattoo

Dragons roar to life in the space between the ribs. A dragon sternum tattoo is a powerful emblem of strength, wisdom, and ferocity. From Asian-inspired serpents to medieval beasts, these mythical creatures make a statement that’s impossible to ignore, breathing fire into the art of tattooing.

Peony and dragon sternum tattoo

Rose and red dragon sternum tattoo

Western dragon with sword sternum tattoo

Black and red two dragons sternum tattoo

Dragon skeleton sternum tattoo

Haku dragon and moon sternum tattoo

Dragonfly Sternum Tattoo

In contrast, dragonfly sternum tattoos are an ode to change, adaptability, and the lightness of being. These delicate creatures, with their transparent wings and graceful flight, are perfect for a sternum placement, offering a design that’s both meaningful and beautifully ethereal.

Dragonfly and peony sternum tattoo

Dragonfly with lavender sternum tattoo

The Webs We Weave

Dreamcatcher tattoos carry the stories of Native American culture, believed to trap negative dreams and allow only the good ones to filter through. A dreamcatcher sternum tattoo is a protective charm, a keeper of peace during the night, and a stunning piece that combines beads, feathers, and web-like patterns.

Dream catcher with feathers sternum tattoo

Lion head and dreamcatcher sternum tattoo

Crescent moon dreamcatcher with wings sternum tattoo

The Divine Feminine

Channel the divine feminine with an Egyptian goddess sternum tattoo. Whether it’s the fierce lioness Sekhmet, the nurturing Isis, or the mysterious Bastet, these deities bring a touch of ancient power and mystique to your ink. They’re a celebration of femininity, strength, and the rich tapestry of Egyptian mythology.

Egyptian goddess Isis sternum tattoo

Egyptian goddess Maat sternum tattoo

Elephant Sternum Tattoo

Elephant sternum tattoos are a homage to the gentle giants of the wild. These creatures, revered for their memory, strength, and familial bonds, make for a tattoo that’s both commanding and tender. With their trunk gracefully arching across the sternum, they offer a symbol of luck, wisdom, and longevity.

Indian elephant sternum tattoo

Realistic mandala elephant sternum tattoo

Elephant with butterfly wings sternum tattoo

Evil Eye Sternum Tattoos

The evil eye, a symbol of protection against malevolent glares, makes for an intriguing sternum tattoo. It’s a vigilant guardian, a watchful eye that serves as a shield against misfortune. The designs can range from the traditional blue and white palette to more modern interpretations, all the while keeping its protective gaze intact.

Simple evil eye sternum tattoo

Geometric Sternum Tattoo

Geometry isn’t just for math lovers—it’s a language of symmetry and balance that speaks volumes when inked on the sternum. Geometric sternum tattoos are a dance of lines and shapes that can harmonize with your body’s contours. They’re a blend of precision and artistry, a structured beauty that can be as complex or as simple as your story requires.

Geometric Lotus Sternum Tattoo

Geometric rose sternum tattoo black and grey

Geometric sternum tattoo

Double triangle geometric sternum tattoo

The Seeker’s Emblem

For the dreamers and seekers, a golden snitch sternum tattoo is a charming nod to the magical world of Harry Potter. This design isn’t just for fans; it’s a symbol of pursuit, of chasing after one’s desires and holding onto the fleeting moments that define us. It’s whimsical, yes, but also a deeply personal reminder to always keep seeking your own unique magic.

Golden snitch sternum tattoo

Golden snitch with wings sternum tattoo

Harry Potter Golden snitch sternum tattoo

Feminine Harry Potter Golden snitch sternum tattoo

Henna Sternum Tattoo

Henna-inspired sternum tattoos bring a touch of tradition to modern tattooing. Their intricate, flowing designs are reminiscent of ancient ceremonies and natural connections. These tattoos are a temporary option for those testing the waters or a permanent choice for those who want to carry the artful patterns of henna with them every day.

Henna sternum tattoo

Sternum henna tattoo

Henna lotus sternum tattoo

Heart Sternum Tattoo

What could be more fitting over the heart than a heart sternum tattoo? It’s direct, it’s classic, and it’s packed with symbolism. Whether you opt for an anatomical depiction or a stylized icon, a heart tattoo over your sternum is a declaration of love, passion, or maybe even heartbreak—after all, every heart has its own rhythm and story.

Feminine dagger through a heart sternum tattoo

Greyscale heart with flowers sternum tattoo

Sword with a heart shaped diamond sternum tattoo

Black and white dagger through a heart sternum tattoo traditional

Dagger and heart sternum tattoo

The Ocean’s Drifter

Drift into the deep with a jellyfish sternum tattoo. These ethereal sea creatures are perfect for the fluid space above the heart, representing calm, grace, and the ability to navigate life’s currents. Jellyfish designs can be bold or delicate, colorful or monochrome, but they always carry an air of the otherworldly.

Fine line jellyfish sternum tattoo

Stylish jellyfish sternum tattoo

Black and white jellyfish sternum tatttoo

Lace Sternum Tattoo

Lace is not just for lingerie. A lace sternum tattoo weaves femininity and strength into a single piece of art. These tattoos are intricate, delicate, and incredibly sensual, tracing patterns that can accentuate the natural curves of female’s body. They’re a whisper of elegance right where strength resides—the chest.

Butterfly with lace sternum tattoo

Lace with diamond sternum tattoo

Butterfly and lace sternum tattoo

Laurel Wreath Sternum Tattoo

Historically, a laurel wreath is a symbol of victory and honor. When etched above the heart, a laurel wreath sternum tattoo becomes a personal triumph, a badge of honor for your own battles and achievements. It’s a timeless piece that speaks of success and the glory of overcoming life’s challenges.

Laurel wreath with pendant sternum tattoo

Laurel wreath line work sternum tattoo

The Emblem of Purity

Lilies are more than just beautiful flowers; they’re icons of purity, renewal, and motherhood. A lily sternum tattoo can be a tribute to these themes, an acknowledgment of one’s growth or a dedication to a loved one. The lily’s elegant form is a natural complement to the sternum’s shape, making for a truly graceful tattoo.

Lily with diamond sternum tattoo

Pink lily sternum tattoo

The Blossom of Enlightenment

Rising from the mud and blooming towards the sun, the lotus is a powerful emblem of enlightenment and rebirth. A lotus sternum tattoo symbolizes a journey through hardship and the beauty of personal growth. It’s a favorite among females who see their body art as a chapter of their evolution.

Lotus with diamond sternum tattoo

Lotus with pendant sternum tattoo

Simple lotus linework sternum tattoo

Stylish lotus and pendant sternum tattoo

Stylized lotus sternum tattoo

Stylized lotus with pendant underboob tattoo

Black and grey lotus with pendant sternum tattoo

Lotus dotwork sternum tattoo

Lotus outline and peony sternum tattoo

Mandala Sternum Tattoo

Mandalas are cosmic diagrams that represent the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism. A mandala sternum tattoo is a visual meditation, a centering point that can symbolize balance and harmony. The intricate circles and patterns are mesmerizing, drawing the eye to the center of self—the heart.

Mandala with poppy sternum tattoo

Mandala wolf sternum tattoo

Dotwork mandala sternum tattoo

Mandala lotus with pendant and Unalome sternum tattoo

Medusa Sternum Tattoo

Now, let’s face the gaze of Medusa with a sternum tattoo that’s as formidable as it is fascinating. Medusa, with her serpent locks, is a complex figure of transformation and female rage. A Medusa sternum tattoo is a powerful talisman, a protector against the evils of the world, and a reminder of the strength within.

Feminine medusa sternum tattoo

Two face Medusa sternum tattoo

Moth Sternum Tattoos

Moths, mysterious and drawn to the light, make for a compelling sternum tattoo choice. These creatures of the night symbolize transformation, adaptation, and the subtle pull towards the unknown. A moth sternum tattoo isn’t just a piece of art—it’s a statement of personal evolution, as beautiful and complex as the journey itself.

Stylized moth with eye and crescent moon sternum tattoo

Traditional moth sternum tattoo

Neo tradiitional moth with wild flowers sternum tattoo

Neo traditional Moth with daisy flower sternum tattoo

The Wisdom Keeper

There’s something undeniably captivating about an owl sternum tattoo. Owls are not only symbols of wisdom and knowledge, but they also carry an air of mystique. An owl tattoo perched over your sternum serves as a guardian of your innermost thoughts and a keeper of your deepest wisdom.

Black and grey owl sternum tattoo

Owl with broken arrow sternum tattoo

Peony Sternum Tattoo

Peonies are more than just gorgeous blooms—they’re symbols of resilience and beauty that thrives against the odds. A peony sternum tattoo, with its lush petals and rich symbolism, is a celebration of strength and femininity. It’s a reminder that even through hardship, beauty prevails.

Peony flower with pendant sternum tattoo

Peony flowers sternum tattoo

Peony with dagger sternum tattoo

Black and white peony sternum tattoo

Fine line peonies sternum tattoo

Peony and daisy sternum tattoo

Rose Sternum Tattoo

Roses are timeless, and a rose sternum tattoo brings classic beauty right to the heart of your body art collection. This iconic bloom represents love, honor, and mystery. With a variety of colors and styles to choose from, a rose tattoo can convey everything from budding romance to a love that’s withstood the test of time.

Red roses sternum tattoo

Rose with jewelry ornament pendant sterm tattoo

Rose with stem sternum tattoo

Roses and mandala lotus with pendant sternum tattoo black and grey

Black and grey rose and lily sternum tattoo

Black and grey rose with flowers sternum tattoo

Bull skull with rose and pendant sternum tattoo

Feminine rose with pendant underboob tattoo

Poppy daisy and blue rose sternum tattoo

Sacred Heart Sternum Tattoos

Not for the faint-hearted, sacred heart sternum tattoos are rich with religious connotations and deep meaning. This symbol of divine love and passion makes a powerful statement when inked on the sternum. It’s a bold declaration of faith, commitment, and the fire that burns within.

Traditional sacred heart underboob tattoo

Traditional sacred heart with rose sternum tattoo

Black and grey rose with tiny sacred heart pendant sternum tattoo

Sacred heart sternum tattoo

Sacred heart with daggers lilies and pendant sternum tattoo

Skull Sternum Tattoo

Skulls are a stark memento mori, a reminder of our own mortality. A skull sternum tattoo, then, is both a confrontation and an acceptance of this reality. It’s a design that speaks to the brave, to those who acknowledge the transient nature of life and choose to live boldly in the face of it.

Skull with rose and spider web strnum tattoo

Skull with roses sternum tattoo

The Serpentine Symbol

Snakes have long been associated with rebirth, transformation, and healing. A snake sternum tattoo, with its sinuous form, can embody these themes while adding a touch of edgy allure to your tattoo repertoire. Whether it’s a coiled serpent or one in mid-strike, this design is all about embracing change and the cyclical nature of life.

Rose with snake sternum tattoo black and grey

Small snake with sun sternum tattoo

Snake and rose underboob tattoo

Snake with a tiny rose sternum tattoo

Peony and snake sternum tattoo

Red peony with snake sternum tattoo

Rose and snake sternum tattoo

The Celestial Dance

Celebrate the balance of light and darkness with a sun and moon sternum tattoo. This design captures the harmony of opposites, the yin and yang of the cosmos. It’s a beautiful representation of the dualities in life and a nod to the celestial forces that guide us.

Moon and sun face with clouds sternum tattoo

Sun and crescent moon sternum tattoo

Sun and moon sternum tattoo

Leaves and moon sternum tattoo

Lotus and crescent moon sternum tattoo

Unalome Sternum Tattoo

Unalomes are symbolic representations of the path to enlightenment in Buddhist culture. A unalome sternum tattoo is not just an aesthetic choice; it’s a spiritual journey etched onto your skin. The twists and turns of the design mirror life’s complexities, leading to the straight line that signifies reaching enlightenment.

Unalome lotus with moon sternum tattoo

Unalome sternum tattoo

Linework Unalome sternum tattoo

Unalome and crescent moon sternum tattoo

The Olive Branch

Olive branch sternum tattoo

This design depicts an olive branch gently draping over the sternum, its leaves whispering stories of peace and victory. An olive branch tattoo is more than a nod to history. It’s a timeless symbol of harmony that follows the natural curve of your body, creating a subtle yet profound statement.

Mushroom sternum tattoo

Mushroom sternum tattoo

Now, let’s add a sprinkle of enchantment with a mushroom sternum tattoo. These little wonders of nature can embody magic, growth, and the beauty of the forest floor. A cluster of mushrooms can offer a touch of whimsy, their caps and stems intertwining in an organic dance across your skin.

Pliers and Barbed Wire

Cutting pliers with barbed wire sternum tattoo

For those who love a bit of edge, how about a sternum tattoo featuring cutting pliers entwined with barbed wire? It’s a design that speaks of resilience and strength, a symbol of breaking free from constraints. The stark metal against the softness of the skin creates a contrast that’s both striking and symbolic.

Geometric lion head sternum tattoo

Geometric lion head sternum tattoo

Roar onto the scene with a geometric lion head tattoo. This design merges the majesty of the animal kingdom with the precision of geometric shapes, resulting in a piece that’s both regal and modern. The lion’s mane can radiate outwards, perfectly accentuating the sternum’s natural lines.

American Traditional Crab

American traditional crab sternum tattoo

Let’s get nautical with an American traditional crab tattoo. Bold lines, bright colors, and a touch of the high seas – this design offers a classic look with a marine twist. The crab’s pincers can curve around the sternum, giving a sense of movement and depth.

Winged crown Diamond with crown and wings sternum tattoo

Winged crown Diamond with crown and wings sternum tattoo

Elevate your ink game with a sternum tattoo of a diamond crowned with wings. This design blends luxury with freedom, its facets reflecting your inner light. The wings can spread upwards, creating a sense of ascension and grandeur that’s fit for royalty.

Small oranges and berries botanical sternum tattoo

Small oranges and berries botanical sternum tattoo

For a softer touch, consider a botanical sternum tattoo with small oranges and berries. This design celebrates nature’s bounty, its delicate fruits and leaves offering a fresh and youthful vibe. The botanical elements can trail along the sternum, harmonizing with your body’s form.

Scorpion sternum tattoo

Scorpion sternum tattoo

Embrace the desert’s allure with a scorpion sternum tattoo. This creature is a symbol of defense and survival, its curved tail poised in a graceful yet potent arc. A scorpion tattoo can be a protective emblem, guarding the heart’s energy with its celestial might.

Oni mask luna moth sternum tattoo

Oni mask luna moth sternum tattoo

The Oni mask, a symbol of protection against evil spirits, and the luna moth, an emblem of transformation and new beginnings, create a captivating duality. This design weaves together elements of folklore and nature, resulting in a piece rich with meaning.

Placement and Symmetry: Crafting the Perfect Tattoo

When it comes to sternum tattoos, placement is everything. The curvature of the area demands careful consideration to ensure the design flows with the body’s natural lines. Symmetry is often preferred in sternum tattoos, as it can beautifully mirror the body’s centerline, creating a sense of balance and harmony.

Asymmetrical designs, however, can be equally stunning, especially when they’re crafted to complement the body’s contours. The key is to work with a skilled tattoo artist who understands the importance of placement and can advise on how a design might look in different positions.

Pain and Consideration: What to Expect

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: pain. Yes, sternum tattoos can be uncomfortable, given the proximity to bone and sensitive skin in the area. But pain is a subjective experience, and it’s influenced by a host of factors, from individual pain tolerance to the size and complexity of the tattoo.

For those concerned about the discomfort, there are ways to prepare. Staying hydrated, well-rested, and calm can help manage pain levels. Breathing techniques and breaks during the tattooing process can also be beneficial. Remember, the pain is temporary, but the art is forever.


Sternum tattoos are more than just a trend; they’re a powerful form of self-expression and a declaration of confidence and beauty. They’re a way for women to connect with their inner selves, to adorn their bodies in a way that’s both personal and profound.

So to the women contemplating this journey, consider your design carefully, find an artist whose work resonates with you, and embrace the excitement of wearing art that’s uniquely yours. Your sternum tattoo will be a beautiful centerpiece, a conversation starter, and a personal emblem of the journey you’ve taken with your body art.

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