Vertical Gardens by Patrick Blanc

Patrick Blanc’s Vertical Garden System, known as Le Mur Vegetal in French, is an ecological art form which has globally reinvented urban landscapes into fascinating displays of vegetation which allows both plants and buildings to live in harmony with one another and can be implemented anywhere: indoors or out and in any climatic environment.

Patrick Blanc is a French botanist and the inventor of the Vertical Garden. Patrick is also a scientist, working for the CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) since 1982, Blanc’s vertical gardens have taken him around the world, creating incredible works for cities, public buildings, museums, hotels, commercial spaces and private residences.

Vertical garden in Madrid

Emporium Shopping Mall Bangkok

Galeries Lafayette – Berlin

Halles Avignon – Provence, Cote, d’Azue

Hotel Departement Hauts de Seine, Nanterre, Paris

London – the Athenaeum Hotel

Pacha the driver London

Pont Max Juvenal Aix en Provence

Quai de Branly Museum at Paris France

Quai de Branly Museum at Paris France

Astralia Cite de l’Espace Toulouse

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