Whimsical Fantasy Illustrations by Kurtis Rykovich


Kurtis Rykovich is a San Jose, CA based artist who created amazing series of whimsical fantasy illustrations which much look like digital paintings although they are traditional paintings.

Grew up in the small mining town of Ely, NV,and graduated with Fine Art in the University of Nevada Las Vegas, Kurtis is so fascinated with fashion, history, and beauty. His goal is to push emotions even further, draw inspiration and emotions despite cosmetic appearance.

Warm Your Hear




Vintage Heart


This is How you Braid


The Riding Hoods


The Magician




Oona Hoot


No Stops


Little Miss Muffet


Kiss it all Better






Hold your Head High


Greener Grass Somewhere


Green Tea


Flora Fay


Fishing with Yarn




Coming Undone




Clara Sue




And Everywhere that Mary Went


Always At Fault


A Flamingo


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