1. The is great, the subjects are not. All we have here are the pretty races of azeroth and the ones that don’t have the good races made pretty. I’m sorry but there isn’t an undead out there that has such a smooth complexion. Also let’s calm down on the boobs. Boobs are great, they’re so great there isn’t a word to describe them but at the same time they can be over done in art which alienates part of your audience. But the question is: Should you draw big boobs as to draw in more men than you would with regular size boobs or should you draw regular size boobs, bring in a good chunk or men and some women that would otherwise have written these pictures off as fap material?

  2. Nick – Why are you judging it like you are an art mogul or something. Just enjoy the work you tool. Why the hell are you focusing on the boobs anyway? You do know it’s a CARTOON right?! Just admire the time and effort that was put into it you moron!

  3. Amazing artwork! Beautiful use of colors & shadows.

    Glad to see a fellow Chilean drawing such quality work.

  4. As a fellow WoW player, I would defend nick’s point. It ain’t all so pretty and prissy in that game. Sure, artists can glorify their chosen races but you can’t miss pointing out the practicals and canon elements of the game.

    everyone saying nick’s a douche, clearly has boob goggles or some shit :P

    Anyways, for the sugar-coating of course, great job and details. I particularly enjoy the way he plays with the glowing effects, as much as he colours the subjects in the background.

    Lastly, I feel somewhat alarmed with how that orc has such a pronounced waistline. o.o I don’t think he looks suited for enough combat, body-type speaking.

  5. These are amazing. And I can’t shake the feeling I’ve seen the one labeled “Deacon Blood Elf” before. That pose looks REALLY familiar.

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