1. Can you post hi-resolution wallpaper versions of these? They’re awesome! Great job.

  2. awesome

    but does any1 know from which series each boss came from?

    it feel like link 4 swords with ganon

    • They’re all from Link to the Past (SNES). 4 Swords is the GBA remake.

      Digging the Helmasaur King one. Nice job on all of them, though!

  3. Dude i second Prosky! Your artwork is amazing, and i really really dig the stylized spin you gave to link and the bosses… sorta reminds me of Wind Waker.

  4. @Xhaos – They’re the bosses from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, originally released on the SNES.

  5. They are all from ‘The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past’, and Link is seen using the weapon you would use on that boss for most/all of them.

  6. WOOOOOW what a great art!
    BTW, you now nothing ! all the art is from A Link to the Past!
    The best game ever !!!!

    Please upload in a Hi-res

  7. These look absolutely amazing. Really, the pictures look like they were taken right in the middle of the boss battle given how dynamic the artwork is in style, and I can’t be the only one who’d probably buy an actual comic with illustrations of this quality (was there a Link to the Past official comic/manga? The above might be better than it)

    However, one minor issue… where’s Agahnim? You know, the wizard guy which works for/might be another form of/is the fake final boss to Ganon?

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