Pop Art Portraits by Igor Klepnev

Inspired by hip-hop, street art, graphics and cinema, Moscow, Russia based photographer Igor Klepnev captured the stunning Pop Art Portraits. Igor has been photographing in fashion, art-fashion and portrait genres since 2009.

The Summer of Now

The Summer Of Now, a great campaign by Harrod looks to celebrate the past right now, with Twenties-inspired fashion and decadence gorgeously on display. The campaign is in conjunction with the in-store nod to Baz Luhrmann’s upcoming The Great Gatsby… Continue Reading

Red Snow

Sao Paulo, Brazil based photographer Valerio Trabanco teamed up with Bruna Sotilli (Model), Carlos Carrasco (Beauty), Drica Cruz (Styling) , Felipe Tadeu(Concept), and created the gorgeous project Red Snow for Client Hilton