May 25, 2015 Paintings

Sabine Liebchen-15

Sabine Liebchen is a contemporary artist from Germany. Sabine Liebchen’s hyper realistic fugitive paintings are mostly back portraits of figures portrayed from behind. Faces are not the motifs the artist has interest in. She’s experimenting to convey abstract concept from essentials of the anonymous individuals.

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May 23, 2015 Interior Design

Fantasy Forest Wallpaper

Go dreamy with the fantasy forest wallpaper

If you’re apt to daydream, the beautiful wall decal would inevitably take you to the wonderland in your mind.

Home decal is so important to create expected mood and maximize the functionality in the room. Think about how many years we are going to stay with our family in the living space, it’s definitely worthy for us to invest more initial time and creativity to achieve ideal result. Having spent a lot of time in purchasing stylish and functional furniture, one of aspects that many people are apt to ignore is wall decals in their home decorating schemes. Monochrome walls may be the most popular choice. Isn’t it boring to face the blank wall day after day? Is it possible to enjoy the beautiful landscape at home even it means extravagant hope of visual effect?
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May 22, 2015 Photography

whispers of the nothing

Whispers of the nothing

Kindra Nikole is a Seattle-based conceptual photographer whose work draws on natural settings to create surreal, otherworldly images. Citing Brian Froud, Jim Henson, J.R.R. Tolkien, Hayao Miyazaki, and Kirsty Mitchell as key influences, Kindra manifests fantastical realities in her images, oftentimes with a hint of dark allure. Her works typically feature a solitary figure immersed in nature, exuding an array of emotions. O
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May 19, 2015 Beauty
Grechelle Magbanua

Orange summer nial-20

Kick off that summer vibe with this hot and bright orange nails to accompany you! Coat your nails with matte orange to resemble the intense heat of the sun. Tone it down with a white layer topped with orange and black leaves to stand out from the matte shades surrounding the ensemble.
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THE LADY A traditional drawing based from a stock image.

Rhyn Williams is a Welsh traditional artist from the United Kingdom with Bachelor of Fine Arts who loves to create portrait pencil drawings based from a stock image.
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May 17, 2015 Beauty

Summer Nail Art Tutorial! Neon Sunburst Water Marble Nail Art Tutorial by URBANOGcom

Want good looking summer nails that aren’t that hard to do? In this tutorial, you’re taught to make this fairly easy yet complicated looking sunburst water marble nail art design. You don’t even have to use any special equipment as you can do the design with simple stuff you can find at home!
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Valar Morghulis A personal piece inspited by the house sigils and themes of HBO's epic fantasy series, Game OF Thrones.

Valar Morghulis – a sketchy piece inspired by the themes of HBO’s epic fantasy series, Game OF Thrones.

Kerby Rosanes is an illustrator based in the Philippines. He usually uses ordinary black pens and magically illustrates his own doodles with them. His passion for this personal hobby turned out to be his part time freelance job after being recognized in various design blogs, international magazines and even online communities. Most of his sketches and doodles are characterized by whimsical lines, patterns, characters as well as little elements which he spontaneously combines to create different intricate massive compositions which depicts his everyday experiences or even anything that inspires him. He usually uses his Unipin Fine Liners and Moleskin Notebooks as mediums for his work. Although he has recently left his job as a graphic designer in a local company, he does not regret it as he can now finally pursue what he truly loves to do. Now, he creates more art for personal projects as well as commissions for various clients. He even collaborates with other fellow artists and design agencies around the world. His devotion in what he does makes each art piece he makes worth it.
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May 16, 2015 Digital Art


Unchained – Photo manipulation for movie poster.

Digital Art by Croatia based artist Dresew.
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