Street Art by YASH


Linus Lundin, aka Yash is a creative mural artist based in Stockholm, Sweden whose murals often feature human portraits accompanied with lovely animals, e.g., bird, puppy or fox, creating distinct simplicity and characters in each of his portrait. Light, colors… Continue Reading

30+ Astronaut Tattoo ideas

Lost astronaut among the stars of universe. The artistic rendering gives people a lot of imagination. Just wonder what’s going on? Source Tattoos are very popular in today’s modern world. When we walk through the street, it’s becoming more and… Continue Reading

50 Best tattoo Ideas 2018

A creative 3D tattoo that simply can not be unnoticed. Amazing 3D hand tattoo Every new year dictates new trends when it comes to fashion, make-up, care, footwear, hairstyles and often, tattoos. But there are some things that are always… Continue Reading