80 Sailor Moon Tattoo Designs With Meaning

Sailor Moon, a cornerstone of anime culture, has not only captured hearts with its enthralling story and relatable characters but has also inspired an artistic movement in the form of tattoos. Whether you’re a longtime fan or have only recently fallen under its spell, Sailor Moon tattoos offer a unique way to express your love for this iconic series. Let’s dive into the magical world of anime tattoos and explore why these designs are more than just ink—they’re a personal statement and a piece of wearable art.

Cute Sailor Moon Tattoo

Why Sailor Moon Tattoos?

Sailor Moon designs resonate deeply with fans for several reasons. Firstly, they are a vibrant tribute to a series that has played a significant role in the lives of many, offering themes of friendship, love, resilience, and empowerment. Each character, artifact, and symbol within the series carries a distinct meaning, allowing fans to choose designs that reflect their personal journeys or aspirations.

Fighting evil Sailor Moon Tattoo

Additionally, the visually striking style of Sailor Moon, with its beautiful transformations, elegant weapons, and dramatic poses, makes for stunning tattoo art. These designs can range from subtle and minimalist to elaborate and colorful, providing ample creative freedom.

Sailor Moon Tattoo Design Ideas

Embarking on the journey of getting a Sailor Moon ink starts with selecting the right design. Here are some popular tattoo ideas that have captured the hearts of fans around the world.

Black and White Sailor Moon Tattoo

For those who appreciate the elegance of simplicity, black and white tattoos are a stunning choice. These designs often highlight the intricate line work and can give a more mature, sophisticated feel to the whimsical nature of the anime. A black and white portrayal of Sailor Moon in her classic transformation pose or a detailed, ink-only version of the Silver Crystal offers timeless appeal that transcends color.

Black and white Sailor Moon Tattoo

Sailor Moon Tattoo black and white

Luna and Artemis Sailor Moon Tattoo

Luna and Artemis, the wise and protective feline guides of the Sailor Scouts, make for an adorable and meaningful tattoo. Imagine a design where Luna’s dark crescent moon contrasts with Artemis’s white fur, intertwined gracefully. These tattoos not only capture the essence of these beloved characters but also symbolize guidance, wisdom, and the protective nature inherent in their roles.

sailor moon luna and artemis tattoo on lower leg

Sailor moon luna and artemis tattoo

artemis and luna sailor moon couple tattoo

Minimalist Sailor Moon Wand Tattoos

If you’re a fan of subtlety, a minimalist tattoo is an excellent choice. Opt for a simple, clean outline of the Moon Stick or the Spiral Heart Moon Rod. These designs are perfect for smaller, more discreet placements like the inner wrist, ankle, or behind the ear. They serve as a gentle reminder of the power and courage the series inspires, without overtaking your space.

minimalist sailor moon tattoo

Minimalist sailor moon wand tattoo on shoulder

minimalist sailor moon and rose tattoo

Sailor Chibi Moon Tattoo

Sailor Chibi Moon, with her pink hair and playful spirit, is a favorite among many fans. A tattoo of Chibi Moon can capture her innocence and determination. Whether it’s a small, cute depiction of her smiling brightly or a more detailed scene of her with Pegasus, this tattoo is a nod to the lighter, more hopeful aspects of Sailor Moon.

Sailor Chibi Moon tattoo on forearm

Sailor Chibi Moon tattoo on upper arm

Forearm Sailor Chibi Moon tattoo

Sailor Jupiter Tattoo

Strong and fierce, Sailor Jupiter is the embodiment of power and femininity. A tattoo of Sailor Jupiter in her signature green uniform, complete with floral accents and lightning bolts, speaks to those who identify with her strong-willed nature and her gentle heart. This design is perfect for those who see themselves as protectors and nurturers, embodying both strength and beauty.

sailor Jupiter forearm tattoo

sailor Jupiter tattoo black and grey

Sailor Mars Tattoo

For fans of the fiery and spiritual Sailor Mars, a tattoo that captures her intensity and mystical allure is a must. Depict her with flaming scrolls or in the midst of casting one of her famous fire-based spells. Sailor Mars tattoos often incorporate elements of fire and spiritual symbols, reflecting her passionate and earnest personality.

Sailor Mars forearm tattoo

Sailor Mars lower leg tattoo

Black and white sailor Mars tattoo on upper arm

Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask Tattoo

Nothing says romance like the enduring love story of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask. A tattoo featuring both characters in an embrace or a dramatic pose can capture the heart of their relationship. This design is often rich in detail, incorporating roses, masks, and moons, perfect for a larger canvas like the back or thigh.

Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask love tattoo

Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask tattoo on upper arm

Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask tattoo

Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask arm tattoo

Sailor Moon Bow Tattoo

The iconic bow that adorns Sailor Moon’s uniform is symbolic of her character—feminine yet strong. A tattoo of the bow, with its flowing ribbons and central brooch, can be both aesthetically pleasing and deeply meaningful. This design works well in areas where it can be framed naturally by the body’s contours, such as the lower back or the chest.

sailor moon bow tattoo neck

sailor moon bow tattoo on thigh

sailor moon wand with bow and stars tattoo

Black and grey sailor moon with bow and star tattoo

Forearm sailor moon wand with bow tattoo

Sailor Mercury Tattoo

Sailor Mercury, the brain of the group, offers inspiration for those who value intelligence and calm. A tattoo design featuring her Aqua Mist or her supercomputer can symbolize wisdom and strategic thinking. Opt for cool blues and technology motifs to really capture her essence in your skin art.

Sailor Mercury forearm tattoo

Sailor Mercury half sleeve tattoo

Cute Sailor Mercury with stars tattoo

Sailor Moon Crisis Brooch Tattoo

The Crisis Brooch is not just a pretty accessory; it’s a symbol of hope, transformation, and the power hidden within us all. A tattoo of the Crisis Brooch, with its heart shape and intricate details, can serve as a personal talisman. Placed on the wrist, ankle, or chest, this tattoo is a constant reminder of personal growth and the magical moments life can offer.

Sailor moon crisis brooch tattoo on thigh

sailor moon crisis brooch tattoo thigh

Forearm sailor moon crisis brooch tattoo

Sailor moon crisis back of arm tattoo

Sailor Moon Eyes Tattoo

The eyes are not only a window to the soul but also one of the most expressive features of Sailor Moon herself. Capturing the large, sparkling eyes of Sailor Moon in a tattoo can be a striking way to showcase her empathy, strength, and unwavering determination. This design, whether on the forearm or the back of the shoulder, invites intrigue and admiration from every glance.

sailor moon eyes tattoo forearm

sailor moon eyes with stars tattoo

sailor moon eyes tattoo below inner elbow

sailor moon eyes tattoo black and grey

Sailor Moon Fine Line Tattoo

For those who appreciate subtlety and detail, a fine line Sailor Moon tattoo is perfect. This style suits intricate designs like the delicate contours of a Sailor Scout uniform or the elegant lines of the Moon Stick. Opt for a placement that allows for personal viewing pleasure, like the inner arm or the side of the calf, turning your skin into a canvas of fine art.

Forearm sailor moon line work tattoo

Sailor Moon fine line tattoo forearm

Fine line Sailor Moon shoulder blade tattoo

Sailor Moon Heart Brooch Tattoo

The Heart Brooch is central to Sailor Moon’s transformation and is imbued with the power of love. A tattoo of this iconic item, detailed with shimmering jewels and a golden outline, not only adds a touch of sparkle to your skin but also symbolizes love’s transformative power. Consider this design for an area where it can truly shine, such as the collarbone or just above the heart.

Sailor Moon love frame tattoo

sailor moon sacred heart tattoo

sailor moon heart tattoo

Sailor moon heart brooch tattoo

Sailor Moon Luna Tattoo

Luna, the wise and caring advisor to the Sailor Scouts, is more than just a cat; she’s a symbol of guidance and protection. A Luna tattoo, whether depicted with her classic crescent moon baldric or in a playful pose, can express a nurturing spirit and a respect for wisdom. This tattoo fits beautifully on the ankle or behind the ear, serving as your personal guardian.

Sailor Moon and Luna

Sailor Moon Luna and crescent moon tattoo

Sailor Moon Luna with stars tattoo

Luna and sailor moon wand tattoo

sailor moon and Luna tattoo

Sailor Moon on Crescent Moon Tattoo

Combining the iconic image of Sailor Moon sitting on a crescent moon creates a dreamy and powerful tattoo. This design captures the essence of Sailor Moon’s connection to lunar powers and her serene yet formidable nature. Ideal for larger areas like the back or thigh, this tattoo can be a stunning centerpiece of your Sailor Moon collection.

Sailor moon moon thigh tattoo

Sailor Moon on Crescent moon Tattoo

Sailor Moon and crescent moon face Tattoo

Sailor Moon Scepter Tattoo

The Scepter, a tool of both battle and beauty, represents the fight against adversity and the elegance with which Sailor Moon conducts herself. A tattoo of the Scepter, detailed with orbs and wings, speaks to those who face their challenges head-on. The arm or along the side of the torso are perfect placements for this majestic symbol.

sailor moon scepter tattoo with quote Fight Like a girl

Sailor moon scepter with star tattoo

sailor moon scepter with stars tattoo

sailor moon scepter forearm tattoo

sailor moon scepter tattoo thigh

Sailor Moon Wand Tattoo

Sailor Moon’s wand is arguably one of the most recognizable items from the series. A tattoo of the wand, with its intricate handle and crystal accent, is not only visually stunning but also a mark of fighting spirit and magic. This design is versatile enough for smaller spots like the wrist. It can also be extended into a more elaborate arm piece.

sailor moon wand with symbols tattoo

Small sailor moon wand tattoo on forearm

Small sailor moon wand tattoo

Watercolor Sailor Moon Wand tattoo

pumpkin sailor moon wand halloween tattoo

sailor moon wand and rose tattoo

sailor moon wand with stars tattoo

Sailor Venus Tattoo

Sailor Venus, the guardian of love and beauty, inspires tattoos that are both vibrant and bold. Featuring Sailor Venus in her signature pose or alongside her Love-Me Chain, this tattoo pays homage to her charismatic and courageous personality. Bright, bold colors work well for Sailor Venus tattoos, making them pop on places like the calf or forearm.

sailor venus tattoo thigh

sailor venus tattoo watercolor

Sailor Moon Tattoo Placement Ideas

The right placement for your tattoo can enhance its beauty and meaning . Here are some top-notch ideas that combine visibility with personal symbolism.


If you want a Sailor Moon design that pops out in sleeveless tops or dresses, the bicep is ideal. A bicep tattoo not only makes a bold statement but also offers enough space to include intricate details like Sailor Moon’s transformation brooch or the Silver Crystal. Flex your fandom and your muscles with a stunning bicep tattoo!

Cute Sailor Moon bicep tattoo


Forearm tattoos are perfect for those who enjoy showing off their ink on a daily basis. This placement is versatile, allowing for both small, subtle designs as well as larger, more elaborate artwork. Imagine a beautiful rendering of Luna or Artemis wrapping gracefully around your forearm. Alternatively, envision the iconic Sailor Moon wand stretching along the length of your arm. This spot provides excellent visibility, making it a constant reminder of your favorite anime.

sailor moon scepter tattoo forearm

Sailor Moon Tattoo forearm

Forearm sailor moon tattoo


The sternum is an increasingly popular spot for tattoos, known for its slightly edgy yet profoundly personal placement. A Sailor Moon sternum tattoo, tucked away under your shirt, can be your little secret or a stunning surprise when you choose to show it off. The central location is perfect for symmetrical designs, like the Crystal Star Compact or a pair of crossed Moon Rods.

sailor moon crisis brooch tattoo sternum

Sailor moon crisis sternum tattoo black and white

Sailor moon crisis sternum tattoo

sailor moon bow sternum tattoo

Half Sleeve

Opting for a half sleeve gives you a larger canvas to depict a more comprehensive story. This could include an ensemble of characters from the Sailor Scouts, a battle scene, or a mix of significant items like the Transformation Pens and Tiaras. Half sleeve tattoos are bold and artistic. These tattoos provide an expansive area to pay homage to the depth and complexity of the *Sailor Moon* universe.

sailor moon and luna half sleeve tattoo


Clavicle tattoos are all about subtlety and elegance. This area is perfect for something delicate and minimalistic, such as a tiny silhouette of Sailor Moon or a small quote in beautiful script. The clavicle offers a unique placement that is both easily concealable and effortlessly chic when revealed.

sailor moon crisis brooch tattoo clavicle

Lower Leg

Your lower leg is a fantastic spot for more playful and adventurous designs. It’s a great canvas for longer, more detailed tattoos such as a full portrait of your favorite Sailor Scout . Whether you’re rocking shorts in the summer or pulling on your socks, a lower leg tattoo makes a fun statement about your adventurous spirit and love for *Sailor Moon*.

sailor moon scepter tattoo lower leg

Thumb Finger

Thumb or finger tattoos might be small, but they pack a punch in terms of originality and cuteness. A tiny crescent moon, a small star for Sailor Scout can fit neatly on the side of your thumb. These tattoos are subtle yet surprisingly expressive, perfect for those who prefer a more understated style.

sailor moon wand thumb finger tattoo


A thigh tattoo offers a generous area for larger, more intricate designs and is a particularly bold choice for a Sailor Moon tattoo. It’s an excellent location for a full scene from a large, detailed image of Queen Serenity or Princess Usagi. Thigh tattoos are inherently personal and can be easily covered up, making them a versatile and private expression of fandom.

Luna and sailor moon wand tattoo thigh

Luna thigh tattoo

Luna and sailor moon crisis tattoo on thigh

Final Thoughts

Sailor Moon tattoos are more than just skin deep. They are a celebration that has inspired countless people to believe in the power of love, friendship, and justice. Whether you choose a simple symbol or an elaborate full-back piece, each tattoo carries a story and a connection to a world that has made a significant impact on pop culture and individual lives alike.

So, if you’re considering a Sailor Moon tattoo, take the time to reflect on what the series means to you. Choose a design that not only appeals visually but also resonates on a personal level. Whether you’re showing off Sailor Moon’s wand on your forearm or wearing the Crisis Moon Compact over your heart, each tattoo will serve as a reminder of the light and magic that Sailor Moon brings into the world. Remember, the beauty of Sailor Moon isn’t just in the battles won or the magic used; it’s in the enduring messages of hope and empowerment that continue to inspire.

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