20 inspirational Office Decor Designs

They say that you never would have to work a day in your life if you actually love your work. Simply put, you’re not really “working” when you enjoy what you do for a living. The same would go if you have a cool and homey office. You would feel less stress when you have a comfortable office decor designs you go to every day. It would either feel like you’re simply at home or some place that gives the feeling that you are very much welcome and you can always enjoy.

When you work on an office, the repetition of every day toil could get into your nerves and even when you are actually good at what you do, you might simply end up getting bored just give up your work. This could be a problem not just for you (of course since you would have no means of supporting your day-to-day expenses), but also for the company you work with (there might be some other people willing to apply for the spot you left but imagine if this keeps happening over again). So the solution is simple: redecorate.

With or without the help of decor, your office could be a whole lot better. Dump the plain white ceiling and walls. Explore with colors and designs. Have a theme or experiment on different ones altogether. But the most important is make it as comfortable for workers as possible. Without comfort, working would be a hard and stressful everyday task that we have to cope up with to earn money for living.

Everywhere we look, we can get inspiration. If the surroundings doesn’t give you one, people can. If both doesn’t work out, the internet is always here to support you. And with that, here are some inspirations to get you started!


Remember those by the beach rest houses or forest cabins and how these makes you feel like vacation? This design gives off that kind of ambiance. It’s even quite simple with the help of rocks as partition walls and wood for floor.


On another part of your office, you can decor the place so it would have a more “at home” vibe. And don’t forget that bear rug to complete a cabin-ish feels.



A simple decor could even make the whole office different. Here’s a table of all things vintage and classic. Try a collection with all workers bringing forth their own contribution.

AppNexus's Playful Flatiron Office by Agatha Habjan-1

How about ditching the tables and adding something that could be much more fun? Here’s a giant decoration that could also act as comfy spots to work in.

AppNexus's Playful Flatiron Office by Agatha Habjan-2

Here’s a simple and fun way of displaying the company name. It sure could catch the attention of your visitors and they would definitely remember you.

AppNexus's Playful Flatiron Office by Agatha Habjan-3

AppNexus’s Playful Flatiron Office by Agatha Habjan

The lighting and the furniture could improve a workplace tens of times. It can make the space wider which could help anyone working feel more relaxed.

commonwealth bank offices by frost design-2

This one is a good example of playing with designs and decorations. The wallpaper isn’t really what you see often on offices but it’s relaxing to the eye and plus the sofa and the good view, it’s a place suitable for little coffee breaks and chats with officemates.

commonwealth bank offices by frost design-3

How about holding meetings in these cute and playful furniture designs? With such creativity around you, it wouldn’t be hard to become more inspired and creative in your work as well. Plus it definitely looks so comfortable.

commonwealth bank offices by frost design

commonwealth bank offices by frost design

Cool colors aren’t just cool to the eyes but also very relaxing. To add to that, you can design bare walls in those colors and some cool designs.

Metromile Offices – San Francisco-2

Not all the time you need those colorful office decor designs. Sometimes being simple could do the work. Perhaps adding some funny lines, famous quotes or song lyrics on glass walls would make the place be happier.

Metromile Offices – San Francisco-3

Adding a good backdrop is also a simple way of making your workers feel more relaxed. Even when at work, it would be easy to imagine you’re somewhere on a vacation; even for just lunch break.

Metromile Offices – San Francisco-4

Adding a relaxing spot where workers could actually relax is not just great for the workers but a good investment for the company as well. Relaxed workers would mean more efficiency.

Metromile Offices – San Francisco-1

Metromile Offices – San Francisco

There aren’t stalls and divisions which could make co-workers closer with each other. It could easily enhance teamwork in the company.

REPUBLIC office by atelierarchitects Budapest-4

Simple but playful office decor designs could effortlessly remind a worker to be much more at ease with their surroundings. For them, these designs could give them more life in the office and a time for enjoying work and the little breaks in between.

REPUBLIC office by atelierarchitects Budapest-2

REPUBLIC office by atelierarchitects Budapest-3

REPUBLIC office by atelierarchitects, Budapest

The best way to have more spaces for work while using little space is by making a room with more than just one purpose. Here’s how a cozy place to rest could transform into a meeting room.

FreshMail Offices – Krakow-1

Massive changes could still work. Cool colors on walls plus simple designs are enough to make your office look much better than the norm.

FreshMail Offices – Krakow-3

Sophistication can be achieved not by a lot of furniture or expensive decors. Sometimes it’s just the simplicity of designs with a touch of glamour.


FreshMail Offices – Krakow

Here’s the other side of the room showing a unique chair and good lighting. Plus the black sleek-looking walls are enough to make the whole place look like elegant.

Quirky Spaceship as Game Studio Office by Ezzo Design

Here’s a quirky design that would make your office unique from everyone else: a spaceship as game studio office design. It’s definitely a lot of fun and would be a great way to alleviate stress for workers. Just imagine working on such a fun place…

Quirky Spaceship as Game Studio Office by Ezzo Design-3

The doors are even designed similarly to what spaceship door looks like. And those bunk beds with lots of throw pillows are enough to convince anyone that it’s a relaxing place to work in.

Quirky Spaceship as Game Studio Office by Ezzo Design-1

The rooms are designed with unique wall designs to get in the vibe of “outer space” and “alien planets” vibe.

Quirky Spaceship as Game Studio Office by Ezzo Design-2

Quirky Spaceship as Game Studio Office by Ezzo Design

And when you get into the cafeteria (or in this case a kitchen), you’d totally feel at home. That is if you live in a spaceship. But nonetheless, a comfort you’ll need when making your favorite sandwich and talking to your friends over lunch.

Unilever – Lima Offices-1

This Unilever office might have one of the coziest offices you’d see. That wall of shrubs and the cute chairs and coffee tables would make you feel like you’re on a garden or an outdoor coffee shop.

Unilever – Lima Offices-3

The offices aren’t from the the coziness of the first image. This one shows the spot where workers could work or even chill.

Unilever – Lima Offices-2

Unilever – Lima Offices

Of course the cafeteria would not be left behind with the quirky seats and a great view to erase the tension and anxiety of workers.

Vibrantly Colored Media Agency Office Design in Moscow-1

A nice office within an office. You don’t have to worry about the noise or you need to discuss private meetings. Surely your space would be able to give you that.

Vibrantly Colored Media Agency Office Design in Moscow3

The vibrant blue color gives life to the place unlike plain white everything which tends to become boring in time. Seeing a pop of color would also invigorate you more.

Vibrantly Colored Media Agency Office Design in Moscow

Vibrantly Colored Media Agency Office Design in Moscow

This image shows the receiving area of your main office. Of course, since the theme is mainly white and blue, a blue comfy sofa would work.

Miami Modern Scandinavian Medical Office

Modern but with a touch of earth elements…this is what this design is mostly focused on. The wood on the wall as well as the hanging plants are great enough to decors to make the whole place look artistic.

Miami Modern Scandinavian Medical Office-1

It’s a medical office so the touch of greenery plus the cool lighting can make you feel more relaxed to work with lines of sick patients. As a patient, the whole place could make you feel more comfortable as well.

Miami Modern Scandinavian Medical Office-2

Miami Modern Scandinavian Medical Office

The lack of furniture is actually a better way of making more space in a limited area. Plus the effects of the colors with the wood design is soothing.

Keisuki Maeda designs building-1

If you’re already inspired with more nature designs, here’s another office decor interior design idea to make your office appear better and be a better place to work with. This one, again, focuses more on greens and nature.

Keisuki Maeda designs building-2

Chairs are modified to have space for growing plants. It’s like an office in the middle of a garden.

Keisuki Maeda designs building-3

Keisuki Maeda designs building-

Sunlight is allowed inside the room to give life to the plants around you, even on your desk. But of course, it’s done in way that won’t discomfort you; in fact, it would inspire you more.

Hayden Place Cuningham Group-1

The theme of the office decor focuses more on wood; wooden ceilings and even a dome that holds the main office in the middle.

Hayden Place Cuningham Group-2

There is also a spot in front of the main office for indoor plants to grow. And of course, a cozy waiting area to accommodate guests waiting for their appointments.

Hayden Place Cuningham Group-3

Hayden Place / Cuningham Group

The dome or the main office stays true to the theme and is also made of wood. The geometric designs makes it more artistic and still very simple.

OVG Real Estate Offices – Amsterdam-1

Instead of making stalls, how about sharing the worktable? In this set up, co-workers could mingle together and it’s great for group presentations and projects. And a bit of fancy lighting could make the office decor design much better.

OVG Real Estate Offices – Amsterdam-2

Indoor plants are usually a part of offices but placing them as a part of a decor that is unlike any other would be quite a challenge. Here, they place it in the middle the seats.

OVG Real Estate Offices – Amsterdam-3

Cozy chairs are important for relaxing and placing them on a spot where workers and even visitors could be able to lounge in.

OVG Real Estate Offices – Amsterdam-4

OVG Real Estate Offices – Amsterdam

The kitchen in this company is designed just like with kitchens of luxurious New York apartments. It would make any worker feel not just at home but also feeling more luxurious.

AKQA Tokyo Office-1

Make your lighting unique. Here’s an example on how simple light bulbs could look much more posh; just like raindrops falling from the sky.

AKQA Tokyo Office-2

The simple positioning of the chairs and tables makes it easier to have more space. Of course, keeping your place immaculate is also an important key.

AKQA Tokyo Office-3

Office work usually happens in your chair and on your desk so keeping a fit body could be difficult. But no problem! Have something that could give your workers some workout and fun as well such as a basketball ring.

AKQA Tokyo Office-4

AKQA Tokyo Office

Indoor plants can effectively keep the whole place refreshing and soothing.

M Moser Associates – San Francisco Offices-1

One of a kind furniture and lighting could immediately amp up the atmosphere of a workplace. Mixing all these together could then make your place a good spot to work in.

M Moser Associates – San Francisco Offices-2

The wooden floor goes well with the lighting decoration and instantly creates a refreshing look to the office.

M Moser Associates – San Francisco Offices-3

M Moser Associates – San Francisco Offices

Keeping everything organized; where the desks and tables should be and the resting areas or the cafeteria is very important when you want to avoid making your workplace cramped.

Skyscanner – Budapest Offices-2

Wanna feel the tropics? This interior design is truly one of the most amazing and beautiful designs. If you don’t know what to put on a wall, how about making a wall of plants to make a great design?

Skyscanner – Budapest Offices-3

Glass ceilings could give natural outdoor lighting which is best when you really want to complete the tropical vibe. To stay in the theme, hanging some boxes of plants would work.

Skyscanner – Budapest Offices-4

Thinking of a way to make your resting spot more comfortable, fun and relaxing? Besides the cool earth and pastel colors, bean bag is the best way to do so.

Skyscanner – Budapest Offices-1

Skyscanner – Budapest Offices

If you have no idea what color would suit the theme, going ranbow is certainly a good choice if you know how to pull it off.

OpenAD's Office Greenhouse Freshens Up the Workplace-1

OpenAD's Office Greenhouse Freshens Up the Workplace-2

It’s not unusual to see some plants and little trees within the office; but a tree in the middle of the desk isn’t really what you see normally. However, this is actually a cool design, a great way to freshen the office and even a way of promoting planting more trees.

OpenAD's Office Greenhouse Freshens Up the Workplace-3

Supports are also made from wood to complement the theme.

OpenAD’s Office Greenhouse Freshens Up the Workplace

White or beige colors would be the best colors for these kinds of themes as everything would not only look wider, but also cleaner.

Katoomba Library and Cultural Centre

The Katoomba Library by CK Design

Another proof that uniquely designed furniture could give more life to simple workplaces.

DIZAAP by Sergey Makhno Architectural-2

At first, it would look like a children’s bedroom. But the childish designs could simply bring out our inner youth which is very important in work.

DIZAAP by Sergey Makhno Architectural-3

Here, artistically design light pieces and decors would make you think of museums or being in an art piece yourself.

DIZAAP by Sergey Makhno Architectural-1

DIZAAP by Sergey Makhno Architectural

Bring your home to work. Having a homey feeling would make your work easier since you can relax more. You can release any stress you’re feeling and be more efficient on your job.

Office Space in Town Monument Coworking Offices – London-2

Sometimes, even the simplest things you can find in your home could actually make a good interior decoration. Just like these ropes that were tied to the lights and extend towards one side of the wall. It looks exactly like those on classic galleon ships before.

Office Space in Town Monument Coworking Offices – London-3

Walls made of wood with very good lighting could make you forget you’re in your office. Instead it could bring you back to your favorite restaurant, chilling with your friends.

Office Space in Town Monument Coworking Offices – London-1

Office Space in Town Monument Coworking Offices – London

Working with white has always proven that it can make anything look more fabulous. Combine it with darker colors like black or dark blue could instantly give it more personality.

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