Awesome Pokemon Digital Paintings

mews bubbles600 466

Pokemon is a media franchise published and owned by the video game company Nintendo and created by Satoshi Tajiri. American digital artist Melanie created an awesome series of digital paintings on the second highest grossing video game series. Enjoy!

jirachi and bellossom600 381

heatran used earth power 600x687

gizamimi+pikachucolored pichu600 428

espeon painting 600x522

charmander tickling riolu 600x528

charmander tickling contest600 440

bunnies600 750

brooke at the beach600 600

breloom painting 600x431

Arcanine   Eevee 600x600

umbreon and leafeon600 448

merry christmasbird 600x597

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  1. If y’all like this I recommend Vhu on deviant art. In fact I recommend I a lot on deviantArt.

    • Hi,

      A link back to the artist’s dA account has been under View the website above. You can check we give credit to every artist in such way.

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