Cute 3D Characters by Salvador Ramirez Madriz

supergirl by reevolver600 9651


Salvador Ramirez Madriz is a Guadalajara, Mexico born artist who’s currently living in Palo Alto, California. Salvador is passionate in working on characters rendered in a cute and 3D style. He always likes to experiment different styes, medias to capture emotions and express ideas.

better together by reevolver600 389

Better together

young princess zelda by reevolver600 920

Young princess zelda

that tattooed girl by reevolver600 7851

That tattooed girl

like a sir  by reevolver600 970

Like a sir

fully restored by reevolver600 727

Fully restored

duelo by reevolver600 11631


curls by reevolver600 10291


chibi chinismo hipsteriano by reevolver600 7761

Chibi chinismo hipsteriano

borbolla by reevolver600 6001


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