Illustrations by Jinyoung Shin

Jinyoung Shin27

Jinyoung Shin is a New York based artist who moved to the United States from Korea when he was seven years old. His drawings are unique in that they are influenced by Japanese mango and Korean cultures with a mixed style of Gothic and Asian art.

Jinyoung Shin29

Jinyoung Shin28

Jinyoung Shin26

Jinyoung Shin25

Jinyoung Shin24

Jinyoung Shin23

Jinyoung Shin22

Jinyoung Shin21

Jinyoung Shin20

Jinyoung Shin19

Jinyoung Shin18

Jinyoung Shin17

Jinyoung Shin16

Jinyoung Shin15

Jinyoung Shin14

Jinyoung Shin13

Jinyoung Shin12

Jinyoung Shin11

Jinyoung Shin10

Jinyoung Shin9

Jinyoung Shin8

Jinyoung Shin7

Jinyoung Shin6

Jinyoung Shin5

Jinyoung Shin4

Jinyoung Shin3

Jinyoung Shin2

Jinyoung Shin1

Jinyoung Shin 590x1024


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