50 Impressive 3D Drawings

Illusory art has been around since Ancient times, when unknown painters depicted fictional landscapes on inside walls of wealthy Pompeians. And even earlier, on Crete and throughout the Greece. Illusionism was the only tool painters of antiquity had that allowed them to create the feeling of depth, artificial space on a flat surface.

As times were changing, art was evolving as well and many more styles and expressions came to life. It wasn’t until the early Renaissance that space became so crucial for the painter. Newly discovered mathematical instruments, such as perspective, and the return to the most celebrated period of Antiquity, drove the artists of 14th, and even more 15th century, to develop fantastic images with seemingly real and deep space. The more real the subject felt, the more successful the work was.

Still, the glorious time of illusionism in art came with the baroque era. It wasn’t until late Renaissance pupils, such as Giulio Romano, or Baroque masters, such as Pietro Cortona, started painting on palace ceilings, that the true potential of this apparitional style was evident. Ever since, the meticulousness and the skill employed by the artists to create the perfect illusion was celebrated throughout the world, especially in the Western culture. It birthed many more art movements, and inspired an army of creatives, which it continues to do to this day.

Modern are diverted from the realistic illusionism for a little while, rendering more contemplative subjects, but the contemporary aspirations are bringing it slowly back. It started with 3D street art, and it continues to 3D drawings, which are becoming the obsession and interest of numerous creatives of our time.

Examples of 3D drawings

Drawing is the proof of artistry, the testament to the potential and the skill of the artist, while 3D drawings takes the ancient technique a step further. Requiring perfectly steady hand and a brilliant eye, 3D drawings and realistic pencil drawings show a sense for real space, answering all the optical requirements to create the perfect illusion.

Here are 50 images of the most impressive three dimensions drawings created by some of the most talented artists of this demanding technique.

Feathers - 3D drawing by Ramon Bruin

44. Ramon Bruin – 3D drawing Feathers

– As it flies low over his paper, Bruin’s bird seems to have lost a feather.

Evolution of Illusionism art

Snake 3D drawing

1. Dare you touch?

If there weren’t for colored pencils, would you have guessed this wasn’t a real snake? Hardly.

three characters 3D drawing

2. Amazing Trio

Just like Three Graces, three characters are drawing each other, in a game that tricks the eye.

Realistic Ladder by pencil

3. 3D Ladder drawing

When viewed from a particular angle, 3D illusion comes to life. The same goes for this simple ladder.

Angry Chef 3D drawing

4. Angry Chef 3D drawings

Playing with pencil sometimes means cutting and playing with paper.

Scattered pencils 3D drawing

5. Scattered Pencils

In this depiction of a confusing landscape connected by pencils, one cannot but wonder – what is up and what is down?

Column - by Alessandro Diddi

6. Alessandro Diddi – Column 3D drawing

Done by one of the most skillful artists, Alessandro Diddi. Here, he created a stunningly realistic column.

Double Illusion 3D drawing by Alessandro Diddi

7. Alessandro Diddi – Double Illusion

Note how the artist created the illusion of space and the illusion he is actually holding an item.

Hommage to Giger 3D drawing by Alessandro Diddi

8. Alessandro Diddi – Hommage to Giger

The artist paid an homage to the great creator of the “Alien”, one of the most frightening and most successful sci-fi horror stories ever. Diddi’s Alien is not so scary, although it looks real.

Jumping Dolphin 3D drawing by Alessandro Diddi

9. Alessandro Diddi – Jumping Dolphin

It’s wonderful what this man’s hand can make! If he wants a pet – he just draws one. Here, the paper cutouts are crucial.

Gun 3D drawing by Ben Heine

10. Ben Heine – Gun 3D drawing

Ben Heine is a Belgian artist immersed into 3D art. His work is large in scale and interactive, like this not-so-threatening gun.

Sparrow 3D drawing by Ben Heine

11. Ben Heine – Sparrows 3D drawing

Combining drawing and painting, this artist makes wonderful scenes. Note how the drawing melts with the environment.

Fisherman 3D drawing by Ben Heine

12. Ben Heine – Fisherman

Imagine if this man really caught the gigantic monster Heine envisioned!

My Mother Glasses 3D drawing by Carmen Harada

13. Carmen Harada – My Mother Glasses 3D drawing

Artist Carmen Harada is focused on recreating items from her immediate surroundings. This drawing of glasses makes the viewer want to pick them up.

Snoopy Mug 3D drawing by Carmen Harada

14. Carmen Harada – Snoopy Mug

The same goes for the mug, probably something she sees every day.

Wine Glass 3D drawing by Carmen Harada

15. Carmen Harada – Wine Glass

Wine glass is obviously drafted on paper, but it’s a great example of a 3D drawing exercise.

Tattoo Power 3D drawing by Cruz

16. Cruz – Dolphin 3D drawing

Dolphin tattoos are very popular, but this hand work of dolphin looks better than any tattoo.

Super Mario 3D drawing by Ferdi Firat

17. Ferdi Firat – Super Mario

One of the most favorite video game characters from a few decades ago, brought to life by a skillful hand and eye of the artist.

Wizdom Productions 3D drawing by Fredo

18. Fredo – Wizdom Productions 3D drawings

This phenomenal owl is probably one of Fredo’s most successful artwotks.

Strange stairs 3D drawing by Fredo

19. Fredo – Strange stairs

Weirdly functioning stairs and oddly looking creatures come out from the artist’s imagination, while obviously referring to Escher and his pioneering work.

Ace of Hearts 3D drawing by Giannis Anogianakis

20. Giannis Anogianakis – Ace of Hearts

Playing with the idea of a stolen heart of an ace, the artist references Banksy, while making a sweet little illusion.

Butterfly 3D drawing by Giannis Anogianakis

21. Giannis Anogianakis – Butterfly 3D drawing

It appears Giannis’ butterfly escaped from the sheet! This piece of work really came to life.

 Hatching Bird 3D drawing

22. Hatching Bird

The idea of a bird hatching from paper is awkward, but here it’s exceptionally well conducted.

Hand and boy 3D drawing by Iza Nagi

23. Iza Nagi – Hand and boy

The artist often depicts characters from anime culture rendered in 3D. Here is a realistic combination of a hand and a crouching boy.

Wolverine 3D drawing by Iza Nagi

24. Iza Nagi – Wolverine

Like the X-men? This image of Wolverine is really impressive, in drawing and in deception alike.

Standing boy 3D drawing by Iza Nagi

25. Iza Nagi – Standing boy

The standing figure appears to be in front of several sheets of paper, on which it is actually executed.

Hand 3D drawing by Jeroen88

26. Jeroen88 – Hand

Doesn’t it remind you of the Thing, the Adams’ Family pet? It sure does look real enough…

 An Insect 3D drawing by Jose A.

27. Jose A. – An Insect 3D drawing

This hand work of insect even seems to be in motion, as its wings still flutter.

Sitting Girl 3D drawing by KIM

28. KIM – Sitting Girl 3D drawing

A great example of realistic style. The girl slowly emerges from the paper into our world.

Little Paper Dwarfs 3D drawing

29. Little Paper Dwarfs 3D drawing

This is a lovely little dwarf game! Dwarfs appear on, underneath, all over the drawing kit. They are really lively and amazingly drafted!

 Butterfly 3D drawing by Lucky978

30. Lucky978 – Butterfly 3D drawing

This piece depicts a butterfly that is ready to fly upwards. The shading creates the 3D effect that shows the technique can be done in color, too.

 3D drawing

31. Mathio91 – Snatch

One of the favorite characters form the Ice Age brought to life! A very cool drawing of Snatch.

 3D drawing

32. M.C. ESCHER – 3D Drawing Hands, 1948, lithograph

Escher is one of the greatest masters of printmaking and illusion of the 20th century. In this lithograph, he shows a neverending circle of creation through two drawing hands.

 3D drawing

33. Marcello Barenghi – Crushed Coke Can

Barenghi is probably one of the best today in making colored 3D drawings. This can looks like trash and not a piece of art drafted on paper!

 3D drawing

34. Marcello Barenghi – An Old Deck of Cards 3D drawing

This deck of cards looks so realistic, that it invites the viewer to reach and play!

 3D drawing

35. Marcello Barenghi – Squooshed Dollar Bill

Anyone lost a buck? Well, Barenghi might have, but no – this is actually a drawing.

 3D drawing

36. Marcello Barenghi – Rubik’s Cube

This 3D drawing of a Rubik’s Cube portrays all the skill the artist has when it comes to extracting flat images into the third dimension.

 3D drawing

37. Muhammad Ejleh – Angry Birds

Ejleh is a widely known artist for his 3D drawings, whose work flows over the internet. If there were a board-game of Angry Birds – this would be it!

 3D drawing

38. Muhammad Ejleh – Eiffel Tower 3D drawing

This is one of the artist’s most shared works, because of the stunning deceptive effect.

 3D drawing

39. Muhammad Ejleh – LEGO Man

Is this Lego figurine holding a wine glass? No? Well, it sure appears as if it does!

 3D drawing

40. Muhammad Ejleh – C3PO

In a slight homage to the Star Wars, C3PO emerges from the depth of the artist’s paper.

 3D drawing

41. Muhammad Ejleh – Venice

Whenever he feels like Venice, this artist can conjure it up before him!

 3D drawing

42. Nagai Hideyuki – Sitting figure

An imaginative character sitting on a surreal vine – a great example of 3D drawing.

 3D drawing

43. Ramon Bruin – Eye

Ramon Bruin is another famous 3D drawing artist. Here is an eye looking back at us from the depth of his fantasy.

 3D drawing

45. Ramon Bruin – Rhino

This miniature rhino almost could be a pet!

 3D drawing

46. Ramon Bruin – Snake

A monstrous snake broke its way from behind the white drawing paper of the artist.

 3D drawing

47. Ramon Bruin – Sharks

Sharks over somebody’s homework? Strange omen, but they do appear real!

 3D drawing

48. Ramon Bruin – Come Out and Play

Something either wicked or playful this way comes, from the sheets of Bruins draughtsmanship.

 3D drawing

49. Ramon Bruin – Graffiti

Here is a miniature homage to graffiti by this wonderful 3D drawing maker.

 3D drawing

50. Ramon Bruin – While Sailing Through The Thoughts of My Imagination

This beautiful old ship is the symbol of the artist’s imagination and inspiration. Truly an amazing work of 3D art!

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