Illustrations by Technoelfie

AU Kurenai For Farli

Caro, aka Technoelfie is a digital artist from Germany. She created brilliant fan art characters of Japanese Mango, InuYasha, Bleach, etc

Why Uchiha Sasuke came begging

Sesshoumaru Like my fangs


The Face Of Spring Reloaded


The Dogs of War Naruto Inu


Sesshoumaru’s Evil Uncle




Sesshou Kag Intimacy


Rebel without a cause


Penny for your thoughts


Party Animal Genma color


Older Sin


OC Hollow by Technoelfie


Naughty Nazgul Legolas


Naruto There Are No Missions


Naruto Lazy Afternoon


Mirror of Dreams




In the Rain Inuyasha


I Think I Need You Inuyasha


Danyael‘s Dilemma


Bleach Portraits Urahara


Between Friends Naruto


At Worlds End Avatar


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