110 Lovely Bird Tattoo Designs

People love birds because they are fascinating and beautiful. Birds are our intimate friends. Not only do they help us maintain a healthy habitat, but also remind us of seasonal change. Many bird species have been symbiosing with humans and become part of our cultures. Throughout history, some species were endowed with spiritual meanings for their specific qualities. They inspire us to create beautiful artwork, lyrics and literature. In the wave of tattoo, bird tattoo has become one of the most popular tattoos for many people, especially women.

Why do people get bird tattoos?

People are fascinated with the beautiful plumage, sweet songs of a bird. Therefore, a bird tattoo is naturally the choice for people to appreciate aesthetic spirit of the creature. Many birds are rooted in religion, local cultures and legendary, carrying special meanings. So wearing certain types of tattoo could be representation of culture self-acceptance and appreciation. It’s really exciting to award one’s life with the permanent memento.

What do birds tattoo mean?

According to the study led by American Museum of Natural History, there’re about 18000 bird species on earth. The common feature of birds is flying, which has inspired people to travel the world and created spiritual hybrid creatures like angel. So if you love birds, you may appreciate they can fly. Flying means a lot for humans rather than physically flying. Flying means a dream, a dream to new life or success.

An amazing part of selecting a bird as the motif is probably the variety of choices. Different birds embody different symbolic meanings. So it’s important to understand the meanings before heading to a tattoo shop.

A blackbird transmits a message of blessings while a bluebird brings a sense of happiness. A hawk is a natural messenger while appearance of swallows represents good fortune. So you have a plenty of tattoo ideas with avian creatures. In this post, let’s go through the collection of 110 lovely bird tattoo designs.

2 bird tattoo

29 bird tattoo

A Song Bird

Swallow standing on a branch tattoo

Swallow standing on a branch

Camellia and a swallow tattoo

Camellia and a swallow tattoo

Swallow tattoo

Hey lady! Nice pair Swallow tattoo

Cardinal filigree

Cardinal angry birds

Watercolor Blue Tit in Flight birds back tattoo for men

A pair of birds on branches tattoo in watercolor style

Ring Dove sleeve tattoo

Ring Dove sleeve tattoo

Bird and flower tattoo

Bird and flower tattoo

Bird back tattoo 111

Bird back tattoo

Bird and flower 112

A Bird in flower

watercolor hummingbird tattoo 80

Watercolor hummingbird tattoo

3d birds tattoo 99

3D birds tattoo

3d eagle sleeve tattoo 61

Realistic Eagle sleeve tattoo

amazing bird and leaves tattoo 97

Amazing bird and leaves tattoo

Amazing Tree Swallows tattoo

Amazing Tree Swallows tattoo

beautiful bird tattoo for women 100

Beautiful bird tattoo for women

beautiful watercolor bird tattoo for girl 106

Beautiful watercolor bird tattoo for girl

bird and flower side tattoo 64

Bird and flower side tattoo

bird and flower tattoo 53

Bird and flower tattoo

bird and flower tattoo 67

Bird and flower tattoo

bird and key 73

A Bird with a key

bird back tattoo 60

Black Bird on the back

bird calf tattoo for man 88

Bird calf tattoo for man

bird forearm tattoo 66

Bird forearm tattoo

bird hlaf sleeve tattoo 102

Bird hlaf sleeve tattoo

bird sleeve tattoo 85

Bird sleeve tattoo

bird tatoo on chest 98

Sparrow tattoo on chest

bird tattoo on neck 65

Bird tattoo on neck

bird tattoo 57

bird tattoo 72

Lonely sparrow

Sparrow tattoo

Sparrow tattoo

bird tattoo 87

Sparrow in miniture world

bird tattoo 89

bird tattoo 103

Bird tattoo

bird with flower tattoo 92

Bird with flower tattoo

birds by karina cuba 51

Birds by Karina Cuba

birds sleeve tattoo 107

Birds sleeve tattoo

birds tattoo on leg 62

Birds tattoo on leg

Stellar jay bird tattoo

Stellar jay bird tattoo

bohemian waxwing sleeve tattoo 55

Bohemian Waxwing sleeve tattoo

branches and bird tattoo 52

Branches and bird

bule bird sleeve tattoo 108

Bule bird sleeve tattoo

cardinal bird and flower 63

Cardinal bird and flower

cardinal bird back tattoo 90

Cardinal bird back tattoo-

cardinal bird tattoo 94


Chinese style watercolor Eurasian Magpie tattoo

Chinese style watercolor Eurasian Magpie tattoo

colored brid side tattoo for women 54

Colored bird side tattoo for women

colorfal bird tattoo 83

Colorful bird

colorfal branches and birds tattoo 79

Colorful branches and birds

crane calf tatoo 109

Crane calf tattoo

flying bird tattoo 59

flying bird

flying eagle tattoo for men 86

Flying eagle tattoo for men

gradient colored bird tattoo 81

Gradient colored

hummingbird side tattoo 76

Hummingbird side tattoo

hummingbird tattoo 96

Hummingbird tattoo

illustration style bird tattoo 74

Illustration style

illustration style bird tattoo 75

Illustration style

illustration style woodpecker 110

Illustration style woodpecker

illustrition bird sleeve tattoo 82

Illustrition bird sleeve tattoo

ink painting style bird tattoo 68

Ink painting style

parrot tattoo 78

Parrot tattoo

parus venustulus bird tattoo 93

Parus venustulus

passerina cyanea half sleeve tattoo 56

Passerina cyanea half sleeve tattoo

small flying birds tattoo for girl 95

Small flying birds tattoo for girl

swallow tattoo 70

Swallow tattoo

watercoloe flying bird tattoo 84

Watercoloe flying bird tattoo

watercoloe leaves and bird 101

Watercoloe leaves and Bird

watercolor bird side tatttoo 91

watercolor bird side tatttoo

watercolor bird tattoo 58

watercolor bird tattoo

21 bird tattoo

Back Tattoo

20 bird tattoo

Christian’s “MAMA” Tattoo

19 bird tattoo


18 bird tattoo

Bird tattoo

17 bird tattoo


16 bird tattoo

Bird tattoo

15 bird tattoo


14 bird tattoo

Bird tattoo

12 bird tattoo

Full Back Peacock Tattoo

9 bird tattoo

Cuban Songbird Tattoo

8 bird tattoo

Swallow foot

7 bird tattoo


6 bird tattoo

Bird on a branch

5 bird tattoo

4 bird tattoo

In progress…

3 bird tattoo

Bird tattoo

1 bird tattoo

Bird tattoo

50 bird tattoo

This bird tattoo hurt. a lot.

49 bird tattoo

Bird tattoo

47 bird tattoo

Blue bird

46 bird tattoo

Sumi bird

45 bird tattoo 562x1024

Ravens and lockets2

44 bird tattoo


43 bird tattoo

42 bird tattoo

Bird tattoo

41 bird tattoo

Bird with words

40 bird tattoo

My two birds

39 bird tattoo

Un Cuervo para el Chuk

38 bird tattoo

Steve Martin – Black

37 bird tattoo

Long tail sirasagi

36 bird tattoo

Bird Tattoo

35 bird tattoo


34 bird tattoo

Bird Tattoo

33 bird tattoo


32 bird tattoo

Emily’s Tattoo

31 bird tattoo

Yellow Robin cherryblossoms

26 bird tattoo

Tattooe by Gakkin,Kyoto

25 bird tattoo

Todays werk

24 bird tattoo

Josue Acosta

13 bird tattoo

Bird tattoo

11 bird tattoo

Birds and compass

48 bird tattoo 512x1024

Bird, ribbon and pin

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