60 Mind Blow Abstract Tattoos

We have seen a lot of tattoos tended to be realistic or figurative, or have explicit symbolic meanings. Abstract tattoos are getting more and more popular as they look more artistic and convey abstract ideas without using visual references from the surrounding world. Abstract tattoos are totally open to individual perception, which invoke one’s thought.

Abstract art appears as semi-abstraction or pure abstraction form, so do abstract tattoos. Semi-abstract tattoos contain some distorted shapes of a person or an object, e.g., abstract skull tattoo, or abstract bird tattoo; while pure abstraction is absolutely free of representational images. In this post, I will present a collection of 40 mind blow abstract tattoos I came across for your inspiration.

1crane half sleeve

Colorful abstract back tattoo

Watercolor abstract quarter tattoo

watercolor abstract sleeve tattoo

Watercolor abstract sleeve tattoo

watercolor abstract tattoo

watercolor abstract tattoo

watercolor abstract tattoo

Watercolor abstract tattoo

Abstract bazck tattoo

Abstract forearm tattoo

Abstract leg tattoo

Abstract leg tattoo

Abstract shoulder tattoo

Abstract side tattoo

Abstract sleeve tattoo

Abstract sleeve tattoo

Amazing abstract tattoo

Beautiful abstract forearm tattoo

Beautiful color abstract leg tattoo

colored abstract sleeve tattoo

SunshineLegAddOn by gene coffey


Abstract tree with quote – We must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy.


abstract tattoo by Amanda Wachob


watercolor abstract tattoo


abstrat tattoo on arm by Amanda Wachob


abstract skull Tattoo – what I have in my heart I’ll take to my grave


Full back abstract skull tattoo


abstract tattoo by Yann Black


abstract flower tattoo


abstract heart tattoo


Abstract Tattoo Art on arm hand


blackwork tattoo

simple watercolored tattoo


photoshop style tattoo by xoil


abstract Portrait tattoo


fish and cup tattoo by Lorenzo Azini


abstract skull tattoo


abstract tattoo by MAIKA HOUDE


abstract tattooing by Cy Caro


abstract tattoo back


abstract back tattoo


abstract tattoo by Aga Młotkowska

abstract tattoo for women


abstract sleeve tattoo


abstract tattoo by Dzikson Wildstyle














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