100 Awesome Back Tattoo Ideas for your Inspiration

Back might be one of the best body parts for tattooing because of its large area and flexibility. From upper back to lower back, you have probably seen many awesome tattoos inked on the largest canvas of human body. Be careful when you are looking for a very first back tattoo idea for you or your friend as a tattoo is personal and unique. For most people, there’s only one chance on the same body part, or they may face bitter tattoo removing or cover-up.

Tattoo is all about expressing oneself or going fashion. For men, they may prefer large meaningful masculine back tattoo ideas, for example, dragon, large skulls, portrait, etc. Full back intricate tattoos are often signatures for tattoo addicts while lower back tattoos are mostly loved by sexy women.

How to choose a back tattoo

Despite too many choices, one question remains in common for most people. In order to have a beautiful tattoo that you will not regret in the future, don’t forget the following 3 considerations.

  • Placement of tattoo
  • Main purpose of the tattoo
  • Back tattoo ideas and their artistic styles

For the first consideration, let’s make it clear which part of the back I am going to have the tattoo? In terms of placement, a back tattoo could be displayed on left upper, right upper, left lower, right lower, left half, right half, upper half, lower half, and fullback of the back. It is dependent on the shape of the tattoo, your preference and body type. And the placement will have some impact on which kind tattoos more suitable.

And the second, we need to be clear which goal the tattoo is mainly to serve. Is the tattoo to express my personality, honor my unique experience, or commemorate an important family member? Of course, you can combine multiple goals together in one tattoo. The answer to this question is necessary for the artist to know so that adequate artistic presentation style could be implemented for your purpose.

The third consideration is which kind of tattoo idea I’d like, incl. its artistic style. Of course, you need to consult your favorite artist for better suggestions. While you are still pondering over your very first tattoo, please pause here and enjoy the collection of 100 awesome back tattoo ideas for your inspiration.

Black and white cinematic tattoo in stunning 3D effect

Black and white cinematic tattoo in stunning 3D effect

Full back tattoo

Bird, lighthouse and boat on a thunderous night

Bird, lighthouse and boat on a thunderous night

Fashion woman fullback tattoo

Frightful open spine back tattoo

Frightful open spine

Mandala upper back tattoo

Mandala inspired Concentric circles


Watercolor compass

Awesom upper back tattoo for men

Awesome large script tattoo on upper back for men

3D Skull and portraits fullback tattoo

3D Skull and portraits

This awesome tattoo features realistic black and white portaits of skull and woman covering from upper back down to lower back.

Mosaic tiles

Turn the back to a wall of Mosaic tiles with hidden skull and butterfly and celebrate the ancient art.

Birds with Flowers back tattoo

Birds with Flowers

The plain tattoo picture depicts free birds playing over trees with flowers, which is a good tattoo idea for people who love to for nature.

Woman and owl back tattoo

Woman and owl

The awesome large tattoo seamlessly combines two portraits of a woman and an owl. It is presented in dark realistic style. The theme and embellishment is combination of spirituality, and a taste of the exotic.

Tiger woman back tattoo

Tiger woman

The tiger is the king of the jungle. The fearless woman wearing a tiger headpiece implies how close she has been to this land. The skull in her hands is the recollection of her past memory. The dark black and white background accent the motif of the amazing fantasy picture.

Changed life back tattoo

Changed life

Black and white films could always induce one’s recalling. The theme of this tattoo has been perfectly spotted to the scene in hyper realistic style. A butterfly which represents “change life” stands on the hand of the woman whose nails polished and wrinkles faintly visible. Her brain has been melted in a crowded urban city, which maybe has too many stories of her past.

Lost Eden back tattoo

Lost Eden

The lonely light house, the broken palace and the dead angle render a picture of lost Eden. When life gets hard and you encounter failure, remember that life is full of ups and downs. There’s one thing never defeatable that is your mind.

Exotic back tattoo

Exotic culture and embezzlement

Mandala back tattoo

Mandala Inspired Tattoo for women

The cool Mandala inspired tattoo is unique for people having or longing special experience, which is bilaterally symmetrical on the back. The compact tattoo also reminds me of the style of Polynesian Samoan Tattoos.

Japanese Girl back tattoo

Japanese Girl

A Japanese culture inspired tattoo for women features a portrait of modern woman, cherry, dragon, palace.

Angel back tattoo

Angel from heaven

Amazing angel tattoo is always popular among those who love communication with God.

mandala inspired back tattoo

Amazing mandala inspired tattoo

This is a bold tattoo design with the whole tattoo looks like a piece of tight-fitting outfit. Two pieces of mandala on the neck and center of the back are in good bilateral symmetry. There’s no doubt this tattoo is the idea for young women who love to go fashion.

Clock woman tree and birds back tattoo for man

Clock woman tree and birds

If she could go back in time, where is her favorite paradise?

Mountain and palace back tattoo for man

Mountain and palace


Beautiful Mandala tattoo for women


Beautiful watercolor

The tattoo features beautiful watercolor like painting with birds, cat and flowers on the back.


Butterfly, insect and plant


Cherry blossoms painting


Holy Fantasy


Flowers tattoo for women

The playful tattoo contains flowers from upper back down to lower back. Nice choice for the woman.


Cartoon City

How many of us grow up without playing anime games or watching carton video? It’s always joyful moment at that time. Then why not to have a unique tattoo to express one’s interest or record the moment?


Illustration inspired tattoo for women

This is a whimsical illustration inspired tattoo, which perfect for women.


Japanese culture inspired tattoo

The epic black and white realistic tattoo features a Japanese woman in Kimono, tiger and light house.


Mandala illusion


Mandala flower


Egyptian Queen

tiger full back tattoo

Tiger Mouth

The realistic tattoo looks like photographic image of the giant tiger mouth with details of its whiskers, teeth and seamless skin patterns. The size of tattoo looks heavy but it reminds me of positive attributes – the willpower, courage, and strength, etc.

tree back tattoo

Whimsical Tree

Watercolor Strip back tattoo

Watercolor Strip

Sometimes simplicity is uniqueness like the watercolor strip tattoo, which goes along the backbone from neck to lower back.

Melting Portrait full back tattoo

Melting Portrait

This tattoo features a large portrait of a woman her nose broken and melting along the edge. A surrealistic tattoo image on the human back.

Girly tattoo with colored koi fish, wave and stars

Girly tattoo with colored koi fish, wave and stars

Gray wash lotus with watercolor splashes

Gray wash lotus with watercolor splashes

Emotional faces fullback ink in blue color

Emotional faces fullback ink in blue color

The woman with lamp

The woman with lamp

full back tattoo on City life - moving house in grayscale

City life – moving house

Mixed median illustration style

Mixed median illustration style

Life 404

Life 404

Stylized Jellyfish in black and grey style

Stylized Jellyfish in black and grey style

Woman wearing flower with tiger and python

Woman wearing flower with tiger and python

A bird standing on a dead branch with skull

A bird standing on a dead branch with skull

Skull blackwork on full back for wome

Skull blackwork on full back for women

Realistic Lotus and Tiger face tattoo on half back

Realistic lotus and tiger face tattoo on half back

sun and tree of life back tattoo

sun and tree of life

Dynamic line work on back

Dynamic line-based geometric tattoo

This piece features complex line-based works that creates illusion of dynamic wave on the back. The lines flow seamlessly over flesh in a way that looks similar to vectors on a computer. Despite tiny geometric element, what the artist rendered is not only presice artwork, but also broad imaginations.


Tree and leaf crafts tattoo for women

Tree and leaf crafts


Stitched skin tattoo



Colored birds and tree back tattoo


Dream catcher and deer back tattoo


Double Kio fishes and wave

Lily and butterflies

Lily and butterflies

A feather and flock of birds

A feather and flock of birds

Cool tattoo on full back

Awesome Back Crow Tattoo for Girls

Tree Cover Up tattoo

Tree Cover Up tattoo

Dragonfly Tattoo on back

Fullback dragon tattoo

Boy and Feather Tattoo on Back

Phoenix Tattoo on back

Japanese style Dragon on back

Bird cage on back

3D tattoo on back

Cool tattoo on back

flowers butterflies tribal tat on back

Tribal Tattoo on back

Lotus tattoo on back

Ribbon tattoo on back

Gorgeous Native Warrior Skull on back

Tree tattoo on back

In memory of his father

Portrait on back

Girl and flower on back

Bird and butterfly tattoo on back

Skull tattoo on back

Dragon Tattoo on back

Watercolor Ribbon Tattoo on back

Butterfly tattoo back

lily flower on back

Black and grey roses with swirling branches

Black and grey roses with swirling branches

Gray wash roses on half back

Gray wash roses on half back

Eagle and roses

Eagle and roses

Black and gray dream catcher tattoo for women

Wolf and moon

Wolf and moon

Angel wings tattoo on back

Maori back piece on back

Hourglass on back

Peacock tattoo on back

Art Tree Tattoo on Back for Girls

Octopus tattoo on back

Elephant tattoo on back

Angels on the back

Japanese style Phoenix on back

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