40+ Examples of Feather Nail Art

Mediumturquoise and white nails with a feather and dreamcatcher

In the world of beauty, nail design has taken more and more important role. There are endless tips and ideas to keep your nails looking chic and fabulous. Even for one subject, you could have different designs in different colors and styles. For example, feather nails, you can go with many variations with different colors and styles. It always draw ones’ attentions for their cute and colorful styles.

It’s fun to polish your nails and feather nails evoke one’s aspiration to fly. Feathers of different birds are often linked to different symbolic meanings in different cultures. In Celtic myth, the Morrigan, a goddess of battle, , sometimes appears in the form of a crow, flying above the warriors. Feathers always carry deep meanings in native American cultures. A dreamcatcher signifies one’s dreams. Good dreams are allowed to go through the hole in the web and bad dreams are caught and trapped in the web.

Today feathers can fly to our lives. In the upcoming holiday season, are you going to experiment with your nail polishes in different styles? Or looking for any adorable ideas for your next manicure DIY? Here is the collection of 40+ best examples – a blend of feathers and beautiful colors. Keep up with the fashion

Lightskyblue, black nails with a piece of feather

Classical native American dreamcatcher on white nails


Cheetah, feather, pink to white gradient nails with acrylic powder.













Feather, dreamcatcher on multiple color nails – lightskyblue, white


























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