45 Ocean Nail Art Ideas

sea nail art 43

Let pearls, shells and stars be, not only a decoration of sea, but also of us.

Somewhere I heard or read, I do not remember more, that the nails and hair are mirror of women. Perfectly manicured nails say that in front of us is a tidy woman who takes care of her appearance. The sun and the summer awake the most beautiful feelings in us. Summer is a time when the main theme is where who goes on holiday, on which beach we will relax and enjoy, not thinking about everyday obligations that await us in the office and at home.Nails can be one of the most beautiful fashion accessories so that ladies why do not we leave this summer imagination run wild. Let’s enjoy the charms of the sea and the ocean looked and in our nails.

Ocean nail art is the trend this season. Let your nails shine in the most beautiful colors of the ocean this summer, let be wonderful blueness with you every day. And if you do not like the color blue, you can choose pink, green, yellow, which will be completed with the details such as palm trees, fish, seaweed, zircon, case martinis, seagulls, starfish, seahorses … One or two nails decorated with rhinestones resembling fish scales can be a great match. They say that the anchor brings happiness, so why not put it this year on you manicure. It is possible to paint your nails and in color of sand. For those ladies who don’t draw well, there are thumbnails of palm trees and sea motifs that can be put on the colored nail and apply through the colorless gel. This season are in vogue long and short nails. Nails can be pointy, round, square. You choose the format that best suits you. Some of the examples you’ll see recommended here on the blog, so you select. Experiment with color, length, patterns, because life is one and we need to live it to the fullest.

This summer, do not worry about what someone will say, as: your nails are inappropriate for your age or the work you do. It is important only happiness of your soul. Paint your nails turquoise blue, add a little color of the sand and palm trees., and run on the beach. Marine design will be a real hit. With a little good will, two or three nail polish, toothpick you will be the main.

The plain varnish quickly fray especially if it is often in contact with water, I would recommend you to pu uv gel on your nails so they will be solid and they will last longer. . After two layers builder gel nail, design (shape) is all yours. Then goes color gel. Over dried gel apply color thumbnails, zircon, draw palm trees, anchors, or whatever you wish and all this at the end fix colorless gel. Than also dry nails in the uv lamps and you are ready. Manicured on this way the nails will resist water and probably will last for a month, while you will be spared continuous painting. Sailor design is popular seasons ago, so you can paint the nails so.Dark blue in combination with white and occasional anchor is my advice.

There are lot of ideas and the ways, you only have to choose and enjoy to the fullest because life is in the details and not just a great and precious pleasure.

sea nail art 7

Blue, navy, black … Depths of the sea painted on our nails.


sea nail art 44

Who says you can enjoy the waves just on the coast?

sea nail art 45

And yellow can complete your nail art ocean as reminiscent of sand.


sea nail art 31

A little glitter and decorations can’t hurt – not on the beach. Twinkle. There is also an anchor for happiness …


sea nail art 34

Gently deep green franch may be the right choice

sea nail art 28

Decoration like sea foam and golden gel that resembles the sand.


sea nail art 40

Classic franch thumb, forefinger and little finger in combination with a blue gel on the other fingers that can do fancier adding shine.

sea nail art 25

Gently pink gel is always in fashion for ladies.


sea nail art 38

Sailor style on nails.

sea nail art 39

Urban ocean nail art.

sea nail art 41

Pero, the color purple … again shine. Pure glamor…

sea seashell nail art 3

Turquoise blue – my favorite summer shade.


blue seashell nail art 2

Pearls are not only decoration for our nek, there they are on our nails.


cut pink seashell nail art 1

Pattern reminiscent of fish scales on the middle finger.


sea nail art 4

Nail polish with diamond shine or glitter gel is always a good choice.


sea nail art 5

Again scaled fish only in combination with blue. Do not just paint all nails so it would be too much. Some nail refresh with a different decoration.


sea nail art 6

Waves and starfish complement these nails.


sea nail art 8

This colorless nail polish can be found in all stores. Pat him on any color.


sea nail art 9

Ombre on the nail is still in vogue.


sea nail art 10

The same motives, otherwise incorporated. Your village is how you connect them.


sea nail art 11

Waves in a thousand and one way.


sea nail art 12

Your nail can be your batiste.


sea nail art 13

These are definitely the colors of the sea.


sea nail art 14

Tthe decoration of your nails can be pearls in colour. Remmember, pearls aren’t only that decorate of the ocean.


sea nail art 15

Be brave – combine colors.


sea nail art 16

Find this summer love. Love is all around you, just pay attention.


sea nail art 17

For those restless spirit green is a choice.


sea nail art 18

Ombre – from the darkest to brightest – from the thumb to the little finger.


sea nail art 19

These nails ANNOUNCE: I am brave and bold. The girl in the body of a woman.


sea nail art 20

These shades for a little more gentle ladies recommend.


sea nail art 21

Purple is the color of the brave, rebellious and those who know what they want. Let’s it be your trademark this year.


sea nail art 22

Break the blue with the gentle colors like this orange.


sea nail art 23

For dad’s princess recommend these nails.


sea nail art 26

The color of the sky, the sea, the freedom on your nails. Relax, perhaps your prince just waiting you on that beach.


sea nail art 27

Baby, this is the right choice for you! I love these colors – purple and gold definitely adore them!!!


sea nail art 29

These nails remind me to a quiet spot on the beach, enjoying and the happiness.


sea nail art 30

I believe that this nail had a little mermaid. All sympathy from me.


sea nail art 32

Mysterious depths of the sea painted on your nails.


sea nail art 35

This manicure if worth of a queen of the city.

sea nail art 36

You can easily manicure your nails without anybody help, two colors of nail polish, clear coat and a little tinsel.

sea nail art 37

For that badass who from the sidelines lurking on the beach new summer love.

sea nail art 24

You are the most elegant lady and because of that you choose this manicure.


sea nail art 33

Prey but not in ugly way, actually in the most pozitive way possible.


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