50 Pretty Toenail Art Designs

Planning on getting a toenail art for you? You can paint your toenails just as much as you can paint your nails on your hands. Painting your toenails is simply much easier than painting your nails on the hands since you can use both your hands when painting the nail art. So how can you begin to create your toenail art masterpiece? In this post are some of the basic steps that you could follow through.

If you have an existing polish, make sure that you clean it out. The price of being lazy and painting over your old pedicure can simply result to uneven colors as well as edges with another polish color on them. You would want your nails to look as clean and even when you apply the base coating.

Make sure that your toenails are just about the right length. Unlike the nails on your hands, the toenails can’t be grown as long since it can rub against your socks or shoes and might even cause infections. That is why you should buff the top of your nails right after cutting them to avoid grazing your socks and protect your toenails. Buffing can also help get rid of residues from your old polish and helps the nails to start soaking up the base coat so that it can avoid staining.

After making sure that your nails are in the right length and look clean, it’s time to wash up. Use your nail polish removers to even out the nails and get rid of residues that you might have not reached in the prior steps. You should also start using your cuticle stick to cut back the cuticles on your toenail. There are available cuticle creams that you can use to make the cuticles o your toes easier to trim.
With all the cleaning done, it is time for you to begin with the polishing and designing.

    Things you will need for your toenail art design:

  • – Clear nail polish
  • – Colored nail polish for your base coat and designs
  • – Cotton (to separate your toes when applying the coats)
  • – Small and big brushes (depending on the design)
  • – Clean towels
  • – Reference design (when you are planning on following a toenail art design)

Painting your toenail art design

When you have your reference nail art design ready; start studying it. The key to getting the design you want is patience and perseverance. It might not work on the first try, but you have to remember that practice makes perfect. Some designs might take longer to learn than the others so make sure that you commit to whatever design you plan on recreating on your toes.

You can try and practice on one toenail for the meantime until you get it right and duplicate the design on the rest of the other toenails. There is nothing like having a good result on your very own personalized toenail art designs. There are also designs that are easier to make with the help of nail stickers. You can trace the stickers to make a straight or curved line depending on the design you wish to achieve.

Pink black and white flower zebra toe nail design

Have your toenails stand out with this black, white and pink combination. Paint on leopard prints in black and white coated flowers on your toenails. The French tipped toenails also sport a pink and black lining. Additional silver sparkles are added for a wonderful effect.

flower toenail art designs

A cute and colorful flower inspired toenail art design. Using white as the base coat, blue and orange flowers grace the toenails giving a bright and colorful painting of blooming flowers on your nails. Perfect for the summer weather.

geometry toenail art designs

A fun and adorable looking toenail art design. Have this combination of white, black, and yellow, pink, red and green colors all painted on your toes. Sporting fun looking shapes that play around the nails, you can simply match it up with just any outfit.

abstract toenail art designs

Tribal inspired toenail art. Play around with violet, white, black and periwinkle colors on this sassy looking nail art design for your toes. The bold shapes and playful design simply creates a delightful painting of mischievous shapes splashed across your toenails.

flag toes art

A fourth of July inspired nail art design. Spice up your toes with the American flag colors with a twist of matte white and melon colors. To add to the star spangled effect, add small adorable golden stars to top off the design.

rose toenail art

A black and white themed rose toenail art. Start out with a matte black base and add details of white roses on top completing this classic yet an all time favorite design.

water marble design on toe nails

A cute baby colored daisy inspired toenail art design. If you are into baby colors and flowers then this is the perfect toenail art for you! Start out with a variety of baby colors as base and highlight daisy petals on the big toenail whilst topping the design with a silver bead.

watercolor toenail art designs-37

Abstract and paint inspired toenail art. Playa round with a multitude of colors by painting them on your nails as if they were an abstract design. Matte white and sea green colors are used as base with a gold triangle shaped bead to finish.

toenail art designs-12

A lace themed toenail art design. Decorate your toenails with alternate matte black and white bases and add frilly white lace paint on top. Enhance the effect with pink and silver beads added on the topmost layer of the design.

butterfly toenail art

A cute polka dot and daisy inspired toenail art. Add a cute touch on your toenails with black and white polka dots and daisy flowers in gradient colors. From afar the design almost magically seems to transform into butterfly wings.

Black and white toenails

Black and white lace inspired toenail art. Coat your toenails in black matte color as base and add cute looking white frilly laces on top. You can also alternate the black and white polish to give more effect on the design.

toenail art designs-34

White, red, blue and gold plaid toenail art design. Use a white polish as base and create a plaid design on top using the blue and red polish then finishing up with a thin layer of gold polish as well as tiny beads.

toenail art designs-31

Adorable pink flower inspired French tip toenail art. Use a salmon pink polish for the base color on the big toenail and as the tip color for the rest of the smaller toenails. You can use a thin gold layer as the lining and create an elegant looking white flower design on top of the big toenail.

toenail art designs-29

Bubble themed toenail art design. You can use neon pink and neon colors for this design. Alternate both colors as base and us the pink polish as the bubble effect for the yellow base and vice versa.

Pedicure, Toe Nail Art blue coral

A striking and artsy looking toenail art design. This toenail art design uses blue, melon, black colors as well as silver beads to complete the eccentric look. The blue and melon colors are split diagonally by a thin black line and topped with black and white polka dots as well as the silver beads

toenail art designs- 10

An elegant looking pink themed toenail art design. Use a frosted pink polish as base and add tiny pink and silver beads on top. The toenail art looks very neat, clean and classy.

Black Pink White Zebra stripes Hearts Toe nail designs

Zebra line inspired toenail art design. You can play along with zebra like zigzag lines and fun hearts to draw on this design. Use pink and white polish as your base coat and add elements on top such as cute hearts, zigzag lines and bold lines to complete the overall effect.

toenail art designs-27

Another fun and trendy looking toenail art design. This design is a mixture of bold and thin lines as well as cute heart shapes all rolled into one. The use of bright colors such as aquamarine, periwinkle, melon, yellow, black and white also makes the design more attractive to look at.

toenail art designs-26

A midnight blue themed toenail art design. This very elegant looking nail art design uses a matte midnight blue polish as base topped with glittering silver beads to make the nails stand out even from afar. The use of a French tip design on the big toe also looks amazing.

toenail art designs-23

A cute looking pink, gray, black and white themed toenail art design. Start out with a bright pink base and add thin diagonal lines of black, gray and white polishes on top. You can also add tiny silver beads to make the design stand out more.

toenail art designs-22

A very homey looking toenail art design. Make use of light baby colors such as sea green, pink, blue, periwinkle and aquamarine. Design them into tiny flowers and add a glitter gold matte polish on each one of the smaller nails.

toenail art designs-21

Watermelon inspired toenail art design. You can alternate white, green and pink colors as base for this design while painting pink and green polishes on top depicting the watermelon. You can also add thin lines of gold glitter to enhance the design’s effect.

toenail art designs-20

A marbling effect inspired toenail art. This design uses blue gray, white, black and blue polishes. Marbling effects are painted in swirling styles on top of the white matte while the rest of the smaller nails are coated with alternating blue gray and blue matte colors.

toenail art designs-19

A cute looking flower inspired toenail art design. The design makes use of white, yellow and blue colors. The nails are painted with alternating white, yellow and blue base colors. The big toenail is then designed with yellow flowers that seem to have fallen all over.

toenail art designs-18

A mosaic flower inspired toenail art. Similar to those designs of chapel windows, this toenail art design uses bright and striking colors to create sharp images. The images are then overlapped into one another to form the flower design. Silver and pink beads are also added on top.

Chevron toes

A simple but classic looking toenail art design. Make use of melon, black and white polish to create this design. The melon and white polish are painted alternately as base while thick zigzag lines are added on top of the white base. Additional yellow beads are placed on top of the melon polished nails.

toenail art designs-13

A quirky looking checkered inspired toenail art design. Colors used on this design are fuchsia, black and white. Checkered shapes are then created by using the black and white polishes. The other nails are then coated in matte fuchsia.

toenail art designs-16

Tiger stripe inspired toenail art. Thin tiger stripe shaped lines are painted over salmon and fuchsia colored polishes. The base colors are alternately painted in salmon and a combination of fuchsia colors for effect.

Anchor, Sailor pedi toe nail design

Anchor inspired toenail art design. Have fun while recreating an anchor design on your toenails. You can use a combination of white, red and blue colors to use as the base and the anchor design on top of the big toenail.

Paisley pattern toe nail art

A cool looking abstract themed toenail art design. Making use of complimenting colors such as light blue, orange, yellow, royal blue, yellow golden rod and black. The nails are painted alternatively with royal blue and golden rod matte as base colors topped with tiny gold beads. The other nails are painted with abstract designs.

Valentine's Day Toe Nails Designs

A beautiful rose and stripe inspired toenail art design. The smaller nails are coated in bright pink nail polish while the big toenail is designed with thick black and white stripes. Pretty pink roses are added on top of the stripes and complete the overall flower effect.

toenail art designs-9

Cool looking pink, black and white themed toenail art design. The smaller nails are coated in matte pink polish while the big toenail is coated with matte white polish as base color. On top of the white polish, several swirling black curves are drawn and topped with a cute pink heart shape.

toenail art designs-8

An adorable looking leopard print inspired toenail art. Coated in matte white as base color, the big toenail is then designed with red violet, light blue, orange, black and white leopard prints. The rest of the nails are topped with a gold triangle shaped bead.

Summer nails

A rather interesting looking and bright toenail art design. The nails are coated with matte hot pink nail polish. The big toenails are then designed with multiple colors of curve shapes and polka dots. A variety of bright polishes are used such as white, green, blue and violet.

toenail art designs-6

A very interesting and beautifully created toenail art design. An almost gingham like design that uses light blue and melon shades. The squares are lined with a thin gold coating and additional frosted white polish is added along with a square shaped gold bead placed on top.

Black and White gingham

A cute gingham themed toenail art design. The gingham design uses black and white polishes on top of a white base coat. The rest of the nails are then coated with light melon polish to counter the plaid designs and provide balance within the nails.

Summer Pedicure Ideas

A very cute and fun looking toenail art design. A series of matte white, pink and silver glitter polishes are used as base colors for the nails. On top of the white base, swirling shapes in pink and periwinkle polishes are painted with a dash of silver glitter and violet beads.

toenail art designs-3

Colorful tribal inspired toenail art design. The nails are painted with matte white and orange polishes as base colors. The interesting part is that there are tie-dye inspired color combinations on some of the nails with black tribal designs painted on top.

toenail art designs-2

Another interesting tribal themed toenail design. Using a white matte as the uniform base color for all the nails, various shapes are then placed on top. A combination of black, melon and gold beads are painted and added on top of the nails to complete the effect.

cool toe nail designs

Pink, green and black tribal inspired toenail art design, this design is very simple but surely does the job. The nails use a baby pink nail polish as base color. The big toenail is topped with a v-shaped thick French tip lined with black polish and tribal designs.

cute toe nail art

A neon orange and black themed toenail art design. Using neon orange polish as the base color, leaves in black polish are then painted on top to create an illusion of silhouette.

toenail art designs-1

Violet, pink and white themed French tip nails and toenail art design. Match your hands and toes with this adorable looking violet explosion. The toenails are coated in violet nail polish as base coating. The big toenail is painted on top with pink and white petals plus polka dots.

Spring Toe Nail Artwork Styles

Adorable flower themed toenail art.

The toenails are coated in neon green as base color alternated with matte white polish. On top of the big toenail base pink flowers are added with cute white polka dots surrounding it.

toenail art designs-28

An adorable looking inverted French tip for the toes. A pleasing toenail art design using pink, periwinkle and silver colors. The nails are painted with inversing colors for each tip with a thin line of silver for the edges.

cute toe nail design

Pink toenail art design with daisy flowers and cute butterflies

A very pretty looking flower themed toenail art design. Coat your nails with a baby pink base color. On top of the pink base add details of white flowers ad leaves as well as cute butterflies to complete the effect. You can also add silver beads on top.

sparkle toes

A colorful toenail art design with the use of silver beads. You can use a variety of soft colors as matte base for each of the toenails. The silver beads are then added on top of the cuticle to enhance the colors.

Toe nail art! I definitely would change the colors as more of sunset colors

An amazing looking sunset by the beach inspired toenail art. Play around with black, blue green, pink, orange and nude colors as base polish for each of the toenails. On the big toe a silhouette of a coconut tree is painted on top of a linear sunset colored backdrop.

colorful toenail art designs-30

Gradient themed toenail art design. Make use of pleasant looking colors such as pink, violet, yellow and green to form the gradient effect. On top of the gradient you can add little details such as polka dots and curves with black polish.

Heart and bow inspired toenail art design

Heart and bow inspired toenail art design

This uses a combination of melon, baby pink, red and black nail polish. The nails are alternately coated with black and melon base colors. On top of the base colors are also alternating colors of the bows are painted while a huge heart with polka dots is added on the big toenail.

toenail art designs-33

A fun looking and colorful toenail art design. Make use of blue, yellow, light pink, black and white colors as alternating base colors of the nails. You can then add little details such as writing names in longhand as well as painting abstract shaped flowers for effect.

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  1. I really like the toe ideas. What ideas do you have for just finger nails? Or are they same ideas?

  2. I thought that some of these nails were extremely gorgeous but yet some overboard. I myself would rather keep it simple.

  3. I love this ideas. I just don’t know if anyone at my nail shop can do them. Very pretty.

  4. I love that we can now highlight our toes to make them look more appealing and cute.
    I never thought of toes as gross or anything, but when I take care of my toes, I have noticed guys do look at them and know I take care of myself.

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