65 Japanese Nail Art Designs

Keeping our nails clean has grown to be an interesting trend nowadays. It’s just not enough to keep them looking pink and presentable, but fashionable nails or Nail Art is the thing to follow. Even before, the concept of Japanese nail art was already around the corner and women did a lot of things just to make coloring their nails possible. In today’s pop culture women, artists and hobbyists have come together to revel in more possibilities when it comes to nail art.

Japan is a well known hub for fashion and novelty ideas. Japanese Nail Art has grown into a very popular scene. Not only is it a hobby but also developed into culture that prevails among its enthusiasts each year. It has graced the covers of hundreds of Japanese magazines as well as social media. There are even expos dedicated solely to the specific nail art style.

Among the well known Japanese Nail Art are Nail Up!, Nail Venus, Stylish Nail and Nail Max. However hard it might be for you to get them from outside of Japan, they can still be shipped and all you need to do would be to look up online and see how many the shipping costs. For more assistance you can also try tips and guides in other online resources. Tokyo Samurai is also a good choice, although it needs a subscription from you. In case you are a bit low on the budget, try considering the livejournal group J Magazine Scans. They have a lot of free and downloadable nail art scans which you can use for starters.

As a starter, you can make your own Nail Art Effect using two ways; buying 3D decorations made from plastic and glue them on your nail, or you can get your own acrylic and paint your own nails. Some say that it requires a lot of talent on painting your own nails; you can still start from scratch. The important thing is you have the passion and the creativity to paint out the actual design you want. However it is recommended for beginners to start with pre-made nails. It’s easy to buy pre-made nails that you can easily glue on from online and actual stores. This goes the same for acrylic paint and powder. All it takes is a lot of patience and practice.

On the other hand, it doesn’t mean that if you can’t create your own nail art, you can never have those cute nails. What are Nail Salons for? You can try and visit one near your area. In Japan there are plenty of Nail Salons that one can run to, but in the West they may be pretty hard to come by. In that case you can get help from talented nail artists. You can try looking up Dollish Polish, Yukiumi and Bling Up.

Why not try and check out these 65 amazing Japanese Nail Art pictures that might just give you a great idea or inspiration on your way to starting your Nail Art passion.

9 japanese nail art

The vintage flowery blended with nude color and beaded designs goes perfectly with a summer outfit. When you’re going out with friends to have a picnic then this should be a good design to go with.

34 japanese nail art

Short is also fashionable. Many people think Nail Art is only for longer nails but this proves it otherwise. The short Japanese nails are greatly compatible with the simple Japanese inspired design, like this one – cherry blossoms and geisha nails.

1 japanese nail art

Daisy flowers painted on light pink nails, decorated with single diamante – a pretty yet simple design. This nail art design is perfect for going to weddings or similar occasions. The kind of nails will not distract too much attention from your dress, but it stands out in its own way.

23 japanese nail art

Go royal with blue and white with this nail design. The gold beaded cross simply adds classiness and a hint or royalty on your nails. Great for evening rendezvous with your loved one or a simple candlelight dinner.

32 japanese nail art

Another vintage flower concept design, but what makes this different from the other one is how the flowers stand out from the nails. Smooth and exciting strokes of petals and leaves grace the nails as they are coupled with golden beads. The melon shades give an impression of a person who is fresh and loves to have fun.

25 japanese nail art

Start your day with this fresh and white Japanese nail art design. Watercolor flower petals have been painted as washed out to give the clean and soothing effect just like a garden in its first bloom in early spring. You can do this design when celebrating springtime.

48 japanese nail art

Petals were growing out of your nails, amazing water marble nail style. Unlike other designs that include painting all over the nails, this one takes a minimalist approach. If you are a fan of nail art but are not used to the many coats of acrylic, then this type of design might just work well for you.

59 japanese nail art

Dark and a bit Gothic. Almond nails with the dark blue and black shades are simply perfect for an evening party. The checkered black and white design also proves as a slight distraction to the overall seriousness of the nail shades. It looks very simple but has a lot of impact because of the colors and the golden cross added to contrast the plain colors.

60 japanese nail art

Ready for that summer getaway? In that case this design will fit you best. The washed out shades of blue and pink gives a fun and clean look that is perfect when you match it with your bright swimwear and head for the beach! The white beads look like droplets of water hanging onto your beach bum nails.

65 japanese nail art

Love simple and clean nail look? These artistic nails will fit you perfectly while going to school or work. Laced with pale and plain colors, the white shades are then lined by single thin dark lines to emphasize the simple yet elegant design topped with small dark beads.

2 japanese nail art

As much as there are ridiculously grand nail art styles, simple can also still be beautiful. Paint your nails in clear white acrylic and baby blue colors while accentuating it with gold beads posing in the center of the flower petals. This style is perfect for everyday activities and can match your outfit wherever you may need to go.

3 japanese nail art

Feeling chick and in the hype? Decorate your nails with this wonderful ensemble of beads and rings. This colorful and enjoyable style combines the perkiness of polka dots and horizontal lines along with soft flowers to give out that girly yet fun look.

4 japanese nail art

The combination of baby colors on these nails matches perfectly with the simple heart shape design and lone golden beads on each nail. The separate golden polka dotted beads and the heart shape golden paint help give life to the set of plain colors surrounding it.

5 japanese nail art

Beads all the way! These Japanese nails talk fashion! If you want to stand out from the crowd go ahead with this nail art look. Partner baby colored beads on your nails with a combination of nude and melon shades of acrylic paint plus golden beads. Pull up some hip outfits and you’re picture perfect!

6 japanese nail art

Be playful and add nail extensions, hearts and beads to your content! Go glamorous with a dash of silver dust here and there. Give life to your otherwise boring nails with colorful beads in exciting patterns!

45 japanese nail art

Who says short nails don’t have enough space for nail art? Short nails can also have amazing nail art designs such as the one above. Clean and white. The clear nail polish is topped with golden acrylic to help make the nails stand out despite being short. The geometric shapes and vertical stripes help to make the nails look longer.

7 japanese nail art

Rock your Japanese nails in these glamorous pink nail ensembles! A very playful design that combines dots, flowers and lace-like designs into one, looks like having your nails dressed for a party! When you’re feeling confident don’t hesitate to do these nail designs and rock it out to the world!

8 japanese nail art

Go white and floral with this amazing looking nail art design. The fresh white flowers simple depict purity and innocence and would be perfect for a bridal nail art. If you’re a bride to be, you should really consider this style as it adds meaning to the event where you and your bridegroom will finally tie the knot.

10 japanese nail art

Purity inspired nail art with white heart shapes on the nail tips, simple yet elegant. Shades of white and silver beads are popular because they can easily match your outfit whatever occasion it may be. The simplicity of the nails also emphasizes its beauty without overshadowing the wearer. This is a great design for women who tend to be conservative yet still want to be fashionable.

11 japanese nail art

Summer is in the corner and it will always be one of the most awaited seasons of the year. It’s the perfect time for you to do this simple yet pretty looking nails. Dipped in fuchsia, the nails are then decorated with summer flowers that give you the aura of freshness and vibrancy all throughout the hot summer days.

12 japanese nail art

Some more options for the short nailed ladies out there. The simple white horizontal acrylic paint gives width to the nail thus removing the eye from noticing that the nail is too short for any design on it. The gold designs also help the other parts of the nails which have been coated with plain colors.

13 japanese nail art

This is a pretty little piece that allows more space for your nails to breath but at the same time it also adds grandeur and color to your fingers! The seemingly splashed design of the acrylic unto the nails makes it look fun and exciting! An artsy nail art that you cant simply resist. The silver beads and gold lining also helps accentuate the edges of the design.

14 japanese nail art

Talk about a fresh and bright design! This nail art injects a fun personality in you. with the light pinkish and white shades combined with the seemingly washed on peach colored petals shows as if the sun has picked to shine on you and only you. Flowers bloom from your fingers and you are more than willing to flaunt it!

15 japanese nail art

What comes into your mind when you say The Fault in Our Stars? Clouds, yes. If you’re a fan of the movie or of the clouds then this little fluffy piece is perfect for you! a little gradient painted on the nails to show the sky as it transitions from clouds towards the atmosphere. The little dabs of clouds help make everything look cute and cuddly.

16 japanese nail art

Simplicity is beauty as they always say. This is because the simpler you go, the more your true beauty shines. These stiletto Japanese nails truly speak for themselves. They do not need so much color, simply a plain nude polish and a couple of elegant gold acrylic and silver beads are enough to do the job.

17 japanese nail art

Tap into your minimalist side with these ravishing leopard printed nails. Paint them in powerful pink and show the world what girl power is truly made of. It’s a fun looking nail art that you can go with when partying or going to your favorite clubs. It makes you look like you know what you want and you know how to get it.

18 japanese nail art

You can do a lot with colors on your nails; this red and blue combination clearly shows you how boundaries can easily be stepped over when it comes to artistry. The soft edges of the colors make a wonderful transition with the white base of the nail color. Looking very ethereal and minimalist. Perfect for those who want astounding nails that only use two to three colors.

19 japanese nail art

Funky is in these days and how funk can you get than these nails? Random yet they complement each other. The dark and powerful colors easily catch the street style fashion that so many hip fashionistas do nowadays. If you want to be hip and cool then you should definitely try out this little nail art piece.

20 japanese nail art

If you’re a fan of ribbons and cute things then why not try out this sweet nail art style? It’s simple but does the job right. You can pair it up with your favorite Sunday dress and summer boots, head out and already look perfect!

21 japanese nail art

Another style using cute and fluffy ribbons. Perfect for tea parties with your girl friends or weekend hangouts! These are not only cute to look at but fun to make as well. You can host slumber parties and paint your besties’ nails with this “kawaii” nail art.

22 japanese nail art

A vintage looking design that caters to diamonds, squares and circles. If you’re into unique and edgy nail art designs then this is something that you definitely should try out. It looks cool and easy to recreate. You can even use your very own color combinations to achieve the look that you want your nails to have.

24 japanese nail art

Flowers can make everything look pretty, especially the nails! This peach and green ensemble is great for proms, parties, debuts and weddings; events that have themes. If you are donning a sea green dress with peach accents then this nail art should be the design and color combination that you should go with.

26 japanese nail art

This very cute and homey Japanese nail art design is something that you can recreate on your own nails and keep on for many days. It can go well with any occasion you go to and it can also be easily reapplied. The simple flower shapes and plain colors make this popular nail art a favorite for many.

27 japanese nail art

If you’ve ever wondered what glamorous would look like in real life, then this nail art says it all for you. Adorned with colorful flowers, beads and gold accents, this nail art design makes it perfect for a formal event that you plan to go to. It creates a very delicate and womanly look for your nails making your hand irresistible to touch.

28 japanese nail art

It’s out with the flowers and in with the ribbons! Looking at the multi colored combination of the nails makes you look like you’re having fun in life and living it to the fullest. Make yourself stand out and enjoy the world as it is with this nail art, fun loving concept.

29 japanese nail art

Go true with orange on this simple yet enjoyable looking nail art design. The flowers are playfully painted with multi colors making your eyes dance and jump from one color to another. The near peach plain color helps deviate your vision from the swirly designs of the flowers and rests your eyes until you look into another nail.

30 japanese nail art

Looking for trendy nail art? Add this little ensemble into your collection! It looks real ladylike and cute. The baby pink and blue colors are contrasted by the stark golden paint and topped by silver beads.

31 japanese nail art

Christmas nails? Yes and no, even though red is a very clear sign of the yuletide season and the ribbon seems to represent gifts, this red nail art design can also be used all year round. Who’s to stop you when you feel like being in the mood to wear red nail polish with a little bit of attitude? Classy yet subtle, it’s a perfect design to go with every season.

33 japanese nail art

When they talk about nails with attitude, this is probably the epitome of such. Sleek in black and baby pink, this sweet and rather dangerous nail art has a great combination of contrasting colors. From the sharp black blended into the lightest pink and topped with golden and silver beads, this nail art simply rocks.

35 japanese nail art

If you wish to see your nails wear a skirt, then this is the perfect opportunity to use this nail art. The lace like design that divides the flowers from the inner clear polish serves as the skirt of your nails; it looks very pretty and pleasing to the eyes.

36 japanese nail art

Rainbows and music! A powerful combination indeed. Ride the musical rainbows with this rather musically artistic nail art. It’s very easy to recreate and perfect for music lovers out there who are looking for inspiration on what they should paint their nails with.

37 japanese nail art

Nothing beats the classic black and white themed nail art. You can go elegant yet hip and funky with this fun yet pleasing nail art design. The gold beads help accentuate the nails and add glamour to them. The black and white acrylic combination does a good job of creating that genuine look.

38 japanese nail art

When you have the chance to have fun with your nails, you should go all out! Just look at this colorful and flowery nail art design that simply spells fun and creativity. Unleash your hidden potential inside and don’t hesitate to paint in multi colored petals above contrasting color combinations.

39 japanese nail art

In case you’re looking for an elegant and formal nail art design then you can never go wrong with this piece. It’s beautiful delicate and simply astounding. The gold, green and magenta beads simply stand out. The colorful mix of acrylic colors looks very prominent from the plain white and brown colors which simply fit the simplicity yet elegance that you’d like to go for.

40 japanese nail art

Another beautiful red ensemble that looks very simple yet eye catching. Plain red reds with a does of white flowers and gold beads are perfect when you wish to have classy and simple looking nails. Very easy to maintain and repaint. This is great for those who would like to keep low profile nails but still stay in the nail art fashion.

41 japanese nail art

The playful flowers that dance around the nails are so pretty to look at. The blue background acrylic does well to emphasize the colorful flowers that have been splattered all over the nails. The white tips help deviate from all the flower noise and keeps a clean look for the nails.

42 japanese nail art

This nail art absolutely amazing. The flowers seem to be in close up view and mimic what you see through a kaleidoscope. A very fun and warm looking nail art. This is perfect for those who would like to look edgy with their nails yet retain a fresh and clean look.

43 japanese nail art

The gold beads just jump out on this one. Very classy and elegant nail art design. You would love to do one of these when going to a formal party or a reunion with your family and friends.

44 japanese nail art

A platinum and gold ensemble. The combination of these two strong colors plus a sprinkle of silver dust and gold beads makes a wonderful looking nails. If you want to go glamorous then this is the nail art to consider putting on.

46 japanese nail art

Cute and simple. The baby colors look amazing and clean on this piece of nail art. Great for pajama parties or simply hanging out with your girlfriends. The little gold beads on top add a bit of mature attitude into the nails nevertheless it succeeds in giving the impression that you’re pretty, cute and at the same time ladylike.

47 japanese nail art

Black and white with a dash of red petals. Simple and graceful. Tipped with black acrylic paint, the nails are also adorned by a plain white base with black leaves lacing over the white like a canvass.

49 japanese nail art

A seemingly more creative French tip as the nails are tipped with a larger coating of white acrylic paint. The white is then lined by gold and laced with black petals and leaves. Elegant with details. A very nice pattern to go with when you are working or going out everyday without worrying of looking out of fashion.

50 japanese nail art

Are you meeting up with old friends? Then go out and feel confident by flaunting this nail art design! It looks wonderful and chic! You can never go wrong with the hip combination of red and green plus accessories and beads of gold.

52 japanese nail art

Yellow, black and white, truly vintage and one of a kind. The color combination of this nail art is perfect for fans of the early 80’s fashion where these colors are dominant, yet they are also perfect for summer, enjoy your summer get-away with this design and impress your friends with how creative your nails look.

53 japanese nail art

Get that summer freshness with your nails by donning this white based and colorful ensemble of blue, red and yellow nail art. Match it with your favorite beach outfit and you will look absolutely summer fresh and ready!

54 japanese nail art

The pink roses are absolutely lovely on this nail art design. If you are fond of pink roses and would like them to bloom right out of your fingernails then this is the nail art fashion to go for. Very simple yet pretty and does not hurt the eyes when looking at it.

55 japanese nail art

Are you a fan of t-shirts and jeans? If you are, then this nail art will surely remind you of how comfy those outfits are! The blue design mimics that of old blue jeans that you wear casually when going out in the summer heat.

56 japanese nail art

This is one simple yet catchy design that you can even paint on your nails yourself. You don’t even have to go details when it comes to painting on the flowers since they are pretty much dabbed on but still look amazing when combined with the rest of the petals and the white base.

57 japanese nail art

Checkered isn’t only popular in shirts or dresses, they can also make it in nail art fashion too! If you like checkered patterns then why not go with this nail is design? It’s quite old school but very genuine in design and impact.

58 japanese nail art

When you think sequins can only appear on dresses then you need to guess again. This wild and colorful sequin inspired nail art will totally blow your mind away! There’s no need for complex designs since a plain base will do and the sequins will complete the look for you!

61 japanese nail art

What’s utterly making this Japanese nail art design stand out from the rest is the wonderful depiction of coconut trees painted on it. It’s one of a kind and very innovative. You’d love a nail art design like this especially when you’re off on a vacation somewhere far and would want to make an impression.

62 Cherry Blossom Nail Practice

In Japan, cherry blossoms are very symbolic and have become part of their culture. Cherry blossom inspired Japanese nail art like these are also popular and well liked. It is perfect for the summer and just in time to wear when you are visiting the Hanami festival in Japan.

63 japanese nail art by Glam Nail Studio Canada

Want to look fabulous and glamorous all the time? Don’t hesitate to get the glam nails when you want to go out shopping and simply flaunt your beautiful long nails to the public. The pretty dark nude shade blends well with the gold glitter nail powers that playfully cover and line the edges of the nails for ornament.

64 Kimmidol nails

Are you a fan of kimmidolls? These are popular dolls which have been derived from the Japanese kokeshi dolls. This kimmidoll inspired Japanese nail art design is perfect for enthusiasts as well as those who like the simple combination of pink and white and of Japanese culture embedded unto their nails.

51 Pretty Pink Elegant Japanese Nail Art Manicure

Pink and white with gold and white beads and you are ready to go! This is a very eye catching and cute nail art design that voices out the Kawaii or cute culture of Japan. When you want to go cute all the way and wear your cute and frilly summer dresses then this is the design you should opt for.

Japanese retro flower nail art

Japanese retro flower nail art

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