60 Hourglass Tattoo Ideas

Symbolic meaning of the hourglass is emphasizing the importance of time and that the available time is running out. For this lady in the picture might time is running out in heart of owner of tattoo.

Many people at night when lie down do not like to hear the clock ticking in the bedroom and that, some time when there is a lot of silence, seem very loud. Time inevitably flows measured by us or not, we’ll never get a chance maybe we got today, may never meet him but we thought he could be Mr. / Miss right – came to him, we’ll never be young as we are today… So do not waste the precious time that we have on this planet. Do not frown and stop worrying about the things that are irrelevant to our lives. Maybe all of this sounds you like something you’ve heard a thousand times, but it really is so. Tomorrow does not have to be the same as yesterday and today. Panta rei – everything flows, everything changes.

People have measured time since ever. Today it is impossible to live without a clock, because everybody have heavy schedule and are in hurry all the time. People always have measured time in this or that way. And one of those older ways was an hourglass. Hourglass consists two vessels connected with a narrow tube through which flows the finest sand. It can measure time of three minutes, but also 12 or more hours. It is assumed that the ancient Greeks knew for hourglass in the third century before ere. Scientist believe that the ancient Greeks and Romans used the hourglasses because they had glass production skills. Instead of sand, in these clocks can be inserted and powder of marble or eggshell. Today, the most popular hourglasses are those that measure the interval of three minutes, for example, the time for cooking eggs, in Australian Parliament hourglasses are used also, and so on.

Hourglass used a lot sailors while they sailed the seas. On a pirate flag it was a symbol of warning messages to enemies that their days are numbered. Magellan had fourteen of these watches on his ship and a special man who cared about them. This item generally has a lot of meanings. In England, for example, people placed hourglass in the coffin as a symbol that means the sand of life has expired. His best-known meaning is meaning of the transience of human life. Hourglass people used in many works of modernism that are very well known such as: Walt Disney’s cartoon ”Aladdin”, in the book ”Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”, the video game ”Persian Prince: The Sands of Time”.

Mahatma Gandhi once said that we must be the change we wish to see in the world. What you do not wish to yourself, my dear, do not wish to the others. Try to laugh and when you’re sad, just think ”It will pass”. Time flies, therefore spend it in the most beautiful way. The most valuable is time that we spend with family, friends and those who makes us happy. Devote your time truly important things and people who mean a lot to you, because in the end that is the most important thing. And devote time to your dreams. Spend time trying to achieve them. Even if you fail, you will be happy, because you have tried, and it is often the most important.

Life and Death hourglass 22

Symbolic meaning of the hourglass is emphasizing the importance of time and that the available time is running out. For this lady in the picture might time is running out in heart of owner of tattoo.

hourglass tattoo 14

Like the black tattoo in one color and this tattoo in pink and blue versions are always modern. Pink and blue are, even for me, evergreen combination in every combination of anything.

hourglass tattoo 45

Rose somehow symbolizes love, and for this love is definitely the time is up and rest just a memory immortalized with image on the body.

hourglass tattoo 3

Very nice combination of black and white tattoo and the tattoo in color.

hourglass tattoo 61

hourglass tattoo 18

Lighthouse in the upper bowl as a symbol of hope and hourglass as a symbol of the passing of time. For his plan there is still time. It is never too late so always fight to the last breath for your dreams

hourglass tattoo 39

Like a fairy tale ”Sleeping Beauty” this tattoo looks very interesting.

hourglass tattoo 33

This tattoo on the inside of the hand looks very modern. Combination of colors is perfect so that you only have to choose and find the right tattoo artists!

hourglass tattoo 31

Small but very challenging tattoo on his shoulder with a nice message in Spanish which always sounds a bit exotic.

hourglass tattoo 26

This hourglass reminds me of Aladdin’s magic lamp. Maybe your wish will not be realistic but it will definitely look very desirable to your hand.

hourglass tattoo 35

When tattooing note where you will do your tattoo and who will do your tattoo. Trust the proven salon and tattoo master who?s proven, so you won’t regret later.

hourglass tattoo 60

Make every minute of your life be filled with love, do what you love and spend time with the person you love. Only then your life will be filled. Remember happiness is not in money because it is temporal, happiness is to find the right person who will love you and respects you even the next hundred years …

hourglass tattoo 59

Everything flows, everything changes. In the upper vessel at this tattoo we have dried tree without leaves in the lower vessel tree which is green and lively. Remember the sadness does not last forever, nothing lasts forever and no matter how hard is now, just close your eyes and think: ”This too shall pass”.

hourglass tattoo 53

Sometimes were produced and luxurious hourglasses that are mostly ended up in the castle of rulers.

hourglass tattoo 54

If you pay attention to the lower vessel you will see a tattoo of a man with a child. Very often, because of many obligations and job we neglect our children and do not spend enough time with them. Help your child about everything he needs, because you’ll never know when is last time he asks you to help him with something. Maybe tomorrow learn that to reach a book from the high shelf or iron clothes for school. He will be more independent, have his own friends, move into his own apartment … Spend every moment with your child well, because time flies.

hourglass tattoo 55

Sometimes hourglass symbolizes death. In many pictures death holds an hourglass in his hand.

hourglass tattoo 56

Be careful how you start your day. Make sure that it is with a cup of coffee or tea (what you prefer more), and some nice news. Today on the tv news dominates bad news, such as the number of people killed in airline accidents, terrorist attacks, the crashed train… Start your day with some good news, music, a few pages of good book and do not let your day be destroyed by bad news given from the early morning. If you take this my advice I’m sure that your days will be fuller and more beautiful.

hourglass tattoo 57

On pirate flags hourglass warned the enemy that his days are numbered and that his time is up. So, in one way, an hourglass used confident and strong warriors to send a warning to the enemy to give up the fight on time.

hourglass tattoo 58

While I researched, I came across the information that US company ”Rapid Reality” offered employees an increase in earnings, about 15% if the company logo tattoo on their body.

Life and death hourglass 50

One of the most common elements that people tattoo are roses. This flower has always been a favorite for most people. Depending of the color of the roses can be sent different messages. Thus, the yellow rose symbolized jealousy, red love, etc.

hourglass tattoo 1

Small tattoos can be just as effective and impressive as large with an adequate selection of the image which will be tattooed.

hourglass tattoo 2

Geometric shapes are always popular so here are in the forefront of this tattoo.

hourglass tattoo 4

Very beautiful black and white tattoo, beautiful shedding of these two colors is painted. It takes a lot of experience in order to successfully do this tattoo definitely.

hourglass tattoo 5

Our time in this world is short, and let’s not waste it on unimportant people and irrelevant things. Time can not be restored. Be careful on who you spend it. This could be the message of this beautiful tattoo.

hourglass tattoo 6

As you can see, I still insist on sending the message with tattoo. It’s nice that tattoo has hidden meaning and not be mere images without meaning.

hourglass tattoo 7

Nothing complicated but very interesting tattoo on the armpit, clean lines and without much detail.

hourglass tattoo 8

In containers of hourglass you can tattoo some detail important to you in life. This guy decided for exotic night in a desert. Probably right there happened meeting or event that marked his life.

hourglass tattoo 9

As I’ve already advised, if you are going to do first tattoo and don’t have your tattoo masters, make sure to choose a salon that meets all sanitary conditions.

hourglass tattoo 10

Black and always modern, somewhat mystical tattoo. No superfluous elements, the lines are clear … Very challenging and seductive.

hourglass tattoo 11

This tattoo is another proof that even without superfluous colors and details, you can have a beautiful tattoo.

hourglass tattoo 12

This gentleman or a lady great importance give to the family, it can be clearly seen from this tattoo of hourglass where’s in the upper container house, and in the lower fire. Warm home is the warmest and the most peacefully place for all people.

hourglass tattoo 13

For the act of tattooing is also needed bravery, because depending on where you are tattooing tattoo process can be more or less painful.

hourglass tattoo 15

Rich tattoo in various colors, which somehow reminds me of modern courageous hero who could be the right choice. The tattoo has it all, rough seas, brightly sky, musical notes, symbols of a life what is definitely exciting.

hourglass tattoo 16

This tattoo is a little bit dark, it might be done in the harsh moments in life when it seemed to person there’s no way out. Hourglass, a withering candle, dried tree … On what reminds you this tattoo?

hourglass tattoo 17

Tattoos have become a trend in recent years. People get tattoos mainly for aesthetic reasons, and in the summer when people wear scanty wardrobe they proudly show small works of art on their bodies.

hourglass tattoo 19

Never copy someone else’s tattoo, of your idol for example, because you are not he, and later you might want to change it and it’s not easy like change of style of dressing, hair color etc.

hourglass tattoo 20

Very small, beautiful, delicate and seductive tattoo for brave ladies of the 21st century. All exudes femininity.

hourglass tattoo 21

If you write the name in the tattoo, make sure you choose names of important persons for you. Some people, you may want to delete from your life. When they are no longer part of your beautiful memories you may want to delete them from your body and it will not be easy. Tattoo artists say that the hardest for them is changing old tattoos that the client wants to change. Most often that are the names printed on the body.

hourglass tattoo 23

There are different tattoo styles such as tribal, celtic tattoo, old school tattoo, thin lines, realistic, hot rod, free hand, scratcher, grammatical system of Asiatic, Oriental style, flour, etc.

hourglass tattoo 24

To the most tattoo masters favorite work are large tattoos that become the real body art or works of art as I like to say.

hourglass tattoo 25

Somewhat mystical tattoo definitely choice of a great lover of the sea and sailing.

hourglass tattoo 27

It is very important to carefully choose the image you want to tattoo. Don’t chose tattoo studio because of affordable price because it is not a measure of quality of service, and the most important: never, never do anything in life to impress others but only for yourself – same is when you make a decision about tattooing.

hourglass tattoo 28

Red – black version is a bit extravagant and always mystical. It seems to me that is most often chosen by a real lover of magic and mysticism.

hourglass tattoo 29

Except aesthetic reasons of tattooing, in many cultures people get tattoos because of customary and religious reasons.

hourglass tattoo 30

If you want to do the tattoo of hourglass but you are not sure where and how you can opt for a small tattoo on the inside of the hand, upper arm, forearm or above ankle.

hourglass tattoo 32

Tattooing is a continual introduction of different colored ink below the surface layer of the skin with special needles or better said special tattoo machine.

hourglass tattoo 34

There are claims that the oldest tattoo is found on the body of ice man (actually 57 tattoos) who is old about 5200 years old. Tattoos on bodies old Egyptian mummy dating back to about 2000 years before our era.

hourglass tattoo 36

On this tattoo is an interesting combination of old and modern elements. Old elements represents the hourglass and the candle, and new one bulb in the lower bowl.

hourglass tattoo 37

The tribe Maori have been doing tattoos on face to hide the traces of aging, and today same do some African tribes in Mali. In ancient Rome, slaves were tattooed. A tribe on the west coast of Sumatra do tattoos on the whole body and on man’s body writes story of a successful hunt for example…

hourglass tattoo 38

Interesting tattoo made of clean lines.

hourglass tattoo 40

The skulls somehow always associate me on pirates and dangerous guys. The sand is leaking, the clock is ticking, and this day easily goes in no return.

hourglass tattoo 41

Another beautiful tattoo for the prettier sex. Days fly, with the advancement of technology faster and faster and so try to spend them on the most beautiful way.

hourglass tattoo 42

There are medical tattoos, which are placed from natural medical reasons so diabetics or people suffering from certain serious diseases can tattoo a tattoo that shows their disease what is important in emergency so thy will warn health workers on that way.

hourglass tattoo 43

Another rose as a symbol of love and hourglass as a symbol of transience. Do not think so because then you will not be able to all you to dear person, and the relationship will not be long term. Give it to him all your heart and so much demand from another person. Don’t demand less than what you are giving, there is no reason for that.

hourglass tattoo 44

The fiery red color is still modern it symbolizes love, energy, passion and power. With this color your tattoo can not be unnoticed.

hourglass tattoo 46

Tattoo of sea and sea storm is worthy of a great lover of the sea. It looks bold and courageous and will certainly never go out of fashion.

hourglass tattoo 47

People often prefer to tattoo a message on their body, or some interesting thought. Take care while choosing a thought for the decoration of your body, because it will forever decorate you.

hourglass tattoo 48

After your tattoo is done carefully cultivate your tattoo to prevent infection and to make it last longer. The best advice about the care you can get naturally from your tattoo master who should be perfectly versed in this.

hourglass tattoo 49

If you take any medication, ask your doctor can you do tattoo. Aspirin should not drink before tattooing, you should not drink alcohol. Get some sleep well before tattooing and eat a big meal. If you suffer from epilepsy, diabetes, hemophilia or any similar illness consult your doctor before doing tattoo.

hourglass tattoo 51

This tattoo screams that time is running and you can not stop it!

hourglass tattoo 52

This tattoo is a bit frightening. Some tough guy sure is its owner. Let your tattoo be your trademark, and represents you. You alone choose the image that will tattooed on your body without the influence of other people, but of course in cooperation with the tattoo master.

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