30+ Astronaut Tattoo ideas

Tattoos are very popular in today’s modern world. When we walk through the street, it becomes rare to see someone who does not have any tattoos. Astronaut tattoos are great ideas for people who have passion on space and curiosity on universe. People with astronaut tattoo are proudly wearing tattoos on their fingers, face, arms, back … And they stand well for them. It’s all a matter of taste, but what’s more important is to be happy. There is no shorter topic neither the answer with more significance. Think about that. Are you happy?

Whatever you do in life, do it out of love, because that’s the only right thing. Do things that make you happy, because only you will be breathless over and over again. And you certainly know that life is not measured by the number of breaths but moments when we are breathless. If you like the tattoos and you like what it looks like, get it. It’s so simple mathematics. Proudly stand behind your words and deeds. Astronaut Tattoos could bring you back to your childhood full of curiosity. If you are overwhelmed with different kinds of tattoo ideas, and would like to have a touch of this new subject, pleas enjoy the following collection.

astronaut tattoo 9

Lost astronaut among the stars of universe. The artistic rendering gives people a lot of imagination. Just wonder what’s going on? Source

astronaut falling down tattoo

Falling down with rainbow

Light and graceful figure of astronaut dressed character tattoo. She looks a dancer with mind of universe.


astronaut tattoo 23

Astronaut back tattoo

Perfect combination of astronaut, solar and music elements. A nice astronaut tattoo ideas who loves these subjects.


astronaut tattoo 8

The magician and his conjured astronaut. Who has more wisdom?


astronaut tattoo 15

A quick sketch of astronaut tattoo on forearm


astronaut tattoo 21

Surrealistic tattoo which originated from the theme of astronaut. It’s always mysterious to have these tattoos which tend to raise imaginations.

astronaut tattoo 22

A cute astronaut character painted on watercolor background. I always love such artistic tattoos.


astronaut tattoo 24

astronaut tattoo 25

The world of fantasy. Is the lonely astronaut in a beautiful night or the eve of star war?

astronaut tattoo 26

Astronaut and space, reminding of Apollo moon landing

astronaut tattoo 27

Astronaut in the mind of robot

astronaut tattoo 28

The war between foreign evading creature and astronaut, the defender of the earth.


astronaut tattoo 29


astronaut tattoo 30

astronaut tattoo 31

astronaut tattoo 32

astronaut tattoo 2


astronaut tattoo 3


astronaut tattoo 4


astronaut tattoo 5


astronaut tattoo 6


astronaut tattoo 7


astronaut tattoo 10


astronaut tattoo 11


astronaut tattoo 12


astronaut tattoo 13

astronaut tattoo 14


astronaut tattoo 16


astronaut tattoo 17

Astronomy tattoo


astronaut tattoo 18

Astronaut and space tattoo


astronaut tattoo 19

Astronaut character tattoo


astronaut tattoo 20

Astronaut dream sleeve tattoo


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