30 Incredible Realistic Tattoo Designs

Realism is pursued by artist and appears in many of art mediums. We have seen realistic drawings, paintings on Cuded. In this post is a collection of incredible realistic tattoos, which you can see the tattoo subjects are truthfully represented on the canvas of human body.

Despite of its form of representation, most realistic tattoos express certain symbolic meanings or tell a story. Somebody could take it illusion when seeing the magic work at the first time. But they would further get impressed when knowing it’s artwork created on human body and with meaning.

dolphin tattoo


Fall leave

relistic tattoo Frederique Constant

steampunk arm

Pistol and Garter

Celtic knot Tattoo

Her Mom n Sis


ready to jump

realistic portrait

ape portrait

3D lace tattoo

Compass rose Tattoo

Realistic watch

water drop on feather

realistic portrait on back

girl tattoo


helicoptor war by NIKI NORBERG

spider tattoo

eye tattoo


locked rose on sleeve

matteo pasqualin

pen behind ear

realistic eye on hand with tear

realistic tattoo by Matt Jordan

black Ribbon Tattoo

D butterfly tattoo

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