35 Horrible Zombie Tattoos

Zombie tattoo on side

Zombies have become so popular nowadays that they have been incorporated in the art, movies, games, T-shirts – everything include tattoos. Zombie tattoos are scary more than cool. Why do people love them?

Zombies are horrible. The horror films, like Dawn of the Dead, Body Snatchers, The Stepford Wives, The Battery, Caustic Zombies saw a success to get the consensus of Zombie fans that the these fearing creatures in fact represent humans of modern society.

With the advance of technology and increasing conformity of beings, people are losing many of their instincts and independent thoughts. We are becoming a horde of bodies, much like a horde of zombies. So it’s easier to accept these mindless genre if knowing the allegorical meanings behind.

In this post, I consolidated a collection of 35 horrible Zombie tattoos, which hopefully, could spark inspiration of Zombie tattoo ideas for Zombie fans.

Zombie girl tattoo on arm

Zombie and crow tattoo

3D Zombie tattoo

Zombie girl tattoo

Zombie Tattoo on Calf

Zombie Tattoo

zombie tattoo

chicana katrina tattoo

Walking dead zombie tattoo

zombe inside

zombie girl


zombie Lemmy

zombie tattoo by Mirek vel Stotker

Beautiful Beast

zombie hand with the rose tattoo by Mirek vel Stotker

zombie cura tattoo

Zombie tattoo

vampire tattoo

Zombie Tattoo

Zombie Girl Tattoo

Zombie Tattoo on side

zombie geisha

zombie Tattoo

Bob Zombie

Iron Maiden Tattoo by Jackie Rabbit

zombie bike

zombie skinworx tattoo

Zombie girl tattoo on arm

Zombie Tattoo on arm

Zombie Girl Tattoo on arm

Zombie girl tattoo on back

Zombie girl tattoo

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