45 Crazy Tattoos on Head

James Franco surprised his 2.7 million Instagram followers when he shared a picture of tattoo on his bald head. The temporary body art depicted Hollywood legends Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift in 1951 film A Place In The Sun. In the world of tattooers, there are real people inked with real tattoos on their heads.

It’s probably considered to be odd or weird to get a tattoo on head. Nevertheless, it would create strong impact on your audience when it happen. Head is the most visible place on the body. The tattoo could be inked when your head is shaved. So if you are not planned for a full head tattoo, you also have to plan a special hair style.

Look at the ideas of tattoos on the head, there are various designs, animals, flowers.. It’s not only liked by men but also the option for women. If you are looking for ideas on tattoos on head, here’s the list of 45 examples for your inspiration.










'The Sound And The Fury' - Premiere - 71st Venice Film Festival







































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