50 Inspiring Examples of Water in Art

Mind-Blowing Photorealistic Pencil Drawing

Water represents purification, renewal and life. In artists’ eyes, water is also a perfect theme to make their work more realistic other than its symbolic meanings.

Please enjoy the inspiring collection of water in art, let us know which one is your favourite in the comments below:

Union with water – illustrations by Sheeroo3

window ii – painting by Alyssa Monks

transcendence – Underwater Painting by Erika Craig

Portrait painting by Thomas Saliot

Photorealistic Paintings by Julmard Vicente

Portrait Photography by Tom Hoops

Painting by Josep Moncada Juaneda

Jacek Yerka

A wave of refreshment,Hyperrealism Paintings by Jason de Graaf

Rainy Day Paintings by Gregory Thielker

Rose Paintings by Alexei Antonov

Underwater Paintings by Eric Zener

Moon and sea, Seascapes Paintings by George Dmitriev

Paintings by Ana Teresa Fernandez

Watercolor Paintings by Steve Hanks

Pretty in pink by Graham Gercken

Paintings by Danielle Richard

Fantastic Water Drops by Stephen Cullum

otherworld dreams by Adam Dobrovits

Illustrations by Chalermphol Harnchakkham

Amazing Digital Portraits by Sue Marino

Days like these, Photography by Stefan Beutler

HDR Photography by Jean-Michel Priaux

Portrait Drawings by Dirk Dzimirsky

Photography by Deniz Senyesil

Underwater Photography by Elena Kalis

Photography by Soli Art

Dew on the Leaves

Photo Retouch by Kassandra

Portrait Photography by Enzo Perrazziello

Hawaii Waves by Nick Selway and CJ Kale

wet by AmBr0

Underwater Dog Photography by Seth Casteel

celtic wave by Anne Marie Spears

Alice in WaterLand by Elena Kalis

Colorful Wave Photography by David Orias

Swimming lesson, Photo Manipulations by Ak?am Gunesi

Digital Paintings by Wang Ling

hope, Photo Manipulation by choceffect

The death of the fish, Digital Art by Erin McManness

Digital Paintings by Cyril Rolando

Digital Art by Elena Berezina

Water portrait photography by Farid Salemi

Water Self Portrait Study

Pencil portrait of girl with wet face

Water on a leaf

Samantha French

Cry You a River by Linnea Strid

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