60 Creative Bookshelf Ideas

Reading books might be everyday business for a book lover. How do you collect the books in your bookshelf? In the eyes of interior designers, every element could be an opportunity to spark their designing inspirations, so could be the bookshelf. Creative bookshelf decorating is more than just eye-catching, it makes your books more appealing and room more representing your personality and style.

A creatively decorated bookshelf not only focuses on function but also considers creating shapes, patterns, textures and particular colors to reflect the main decorating theme of the room. Space might be the main focus of your interior design, esp. for rooms with smaller spaces. It makes a room feel spacious to decorate a bookshelf on the wall. The shape of books placed is the core for bookshelf design. The bookshelf could be made in various forms to represent your particular preference. Colors also plays important part to create effect on the appearance of a room. Dark colors make a room look smaller. Warm and vibrant colors make a room appear larger.

So looking for home decorating ideas to make your bookcases more contemporary ? It’s always a good idea learning before doing. In this post, you will find the collection of 60 best creative bookshelf ideas. Let us know which one you like the best.




























































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