60 Examples of Black and White Nail Art

The color is very important in any visual designs, so is nail art. Different colors tend to create different moods and themes for certain meanings. Ask ladies what colors are their favorite for nail coloring. The answer might be black and white as there are universal meanings implied behind the two colors.

The inspiration of all visible colors come from the nature. White is the color of snow, which signifies purity, peace, innocence and wisdom. Black is the color of darkness. It represents various meanings such as elegance, mystery, sexuality, evil, sadness, etc. Black and white is a popular art scheme used in photography, which allows you to focus on shapes and patterns of light, avoiding distractions of other colors.

If you ever wondered how black and white works in nail polish or want a stylish and classic look take a look at the collection of fabulous black and white nails designs.

black and white polka dots plaid stripes nails

Black and white polka dots plaid stripes nails

black and white nail


Black and white nail art

Black and white nail art














Silhouette like black and white landscape nail designs

Black and white cartoon caricatures on the nails.

Feather and flying birds on black and white nails, a call for legendary journey.

Black point and white dots on transparent nails


French nails with black and white polka dots and dragonfly.

Black and white anime portraits nail design

White nails with elegant geometric shapes
























Black nails with white glitter rhinestones













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