Amazing Exotic Gourd Lamps from Calabarte

Creative ways to light up a room with amazing exotic gourd Lamps by Calabarte. Each gourd lamp is made from a gourd brought from Senegal and their exotic design is achieved after carefully selecting dried shells of gourd fruit and drilling patterns into them.

Different patterns are designed by carving deeper or shallower into layers of wood. This allows light to pass through each carving, creating beautiful patterns of light on the walls. The gourds are all unique and the perforations differ in diameter, exposing light through its intricate patterns. Resting on a base carved in wood and finished with Italian natural oil, the Gourde Lamps will attract admiration and will surely offer an enticing atmosphere to the room.

The fruit of the annual tropical vine originating in Africa and Asia are transformed into exceptional table lamps by careful drilling and framing. Calabarte makes different designs, so you can choose from several lamps the best one suited for your home.



















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  1. If you look at each image, you will see at the bottom, a website to go to for more info on how to buy one of these. The lamps really are for sale. Too bad the author didn’t investigate this story, or we could have learned all kinds of things here, instead of merely looking at a handful of pictures.

  2. if you can’t tell me where to buy one, i’ll have to make one! i would rather buy one. email me.

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