35 Awesome Gun Tattoo Designs

Gun is always hot topic between pro and con activists. It’s also good idea for gun lovers to tat his favorite gun tattoo on his body. Here there’s no danger but mechanical beauty.

Most of gun tattoos are created in a realistic style and could be tatted on arm, thigh, back and chest, etc. Gun tattoos are natural tattoos for men. But they are also good tattoo ideas for women with addition of some sexy element, e.g., lace or flowers. In this post, Please enjoy the collection of 35 awesome gun tattoo designs. Let us know which one you like by press the Pin It button below the image.

Pistol and Garter

gun tattoo

Gun and flower

Good Fellas

guns n roses tattoo, shaded

Gun tattoo

Gun an rose thigh tattoo

Sniper Rifle

Revolver Gun Tattoo

Lace and gun tattoo

Keep Calm and Carry On Tattoo

Winged Heart Berettas

ankle gun

Revolver tattoo

Ak 47 gun tattoo

vanessa’s gun

Double guns and heart tattoo

ben gun

Gun tattoo

gun tattoo on black


bang bang

Guns n’ Roses tattoo

old school chicano revolver

guns tattoo

revolver tattoo

Veritas Gun Tattoo

gun tattoo

gun tattoo on hand

gun tattoo on hand

gun tattoo

the mexican

Russian Revolver tattoo

gun tattoo

gun tattoo

gun and roes tattoo

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