Street Art by Pejac

Subtractive Street Art by Pejac on the Streets of Spain

Spanish artist Pejac is expert in creating elegant outdoor murals as well as acrylic on indoor window, and pencil and watercolor on paper. His street art are often meaningful figures, flying birds rendered in silhouette or fine lines that make people wow for his pieces.

Street Art by jana & js

this one already moved-jana & js

jana and js are an Austro-German artist couple who now lives in Austria, Salzburg. Their street artwork can be found both in the urban as well as in a closed room. Inspired by the city and architecture through the ages, as well as by the residents and the viewers, they paint urban landscapes, details of […]

Street Art by David Walker

Davids piece for Memorie Urbane 2015 in Terracina, Italy

David Walker is a London-based artist who creates color-explosive portraits using spray paint in the form of street art. His portraiture is freehand painting with only spray and without the use of stencils or brushes. Most of his portraits are of female characters layered with colorful countless scrawled lines. His works are visually rich in […]

Street Art by Seth Globepainter

Tahitian dream in Papeete with HTJ

Tahitian dream in Papeete with HTJ Graduated from the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris, French street artist Julien Malland, aka Seth Globepainter, created large scale of murals on the street walls of many countries, India, China, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, etc. Many of Malland’s works are collaboration with local artists and full of […]

Street Art by Hopare

Gdynia -Poland by Hopare

Alexandre Monteiro, aka HOPARE is a french artist who created portraits street artworks in Paris, Venice and Montreal by combining abstraction and figuration in a dynamic resurrecting memories of Italian futurism of the early twentieth century. He experimented a variety of skill variations in line, color, applications with brushes, aerosols, markers and rollers, and have […]