Street Art by Pejac

Subtractive Street Art by Pejac on the Streets of Spain

Spanish artist Pejac is expert in creating elegant outdoor murals as well as acrylic on indoor window, and pencil and watercolor on paper. His street art are often meaningful figures, flying birds rendered in silhouette or fine lines that make people wow for his pieces.

'Seppuku' Shibuya-Tokio


Rue Edouard Manet 13eme arrondissement-Paris. — with Zarina Rimbaud-Kadirbaks.

Ants -Paris

Gulliver -Tokyo

Dust Santander

Esparcepájaros Salamanca

Hilandera is still there four years later — with Sarita Flaming and Nexha Gjema.

My only flag (Moscow 2014) — with Blanca Gracia Montes.

Shutters Istanbul

Stain Santander

New Order El Astillero

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