50 Best tattoo Ideas 2018

hands matching tattoo

Every new year dictates new trends when it comes to fashion, make-up, care, footwear, hairstyles and often, tattoos. But there are some things that are always fashionable. Tattoos are individual choices, and nobody can dictate to anyone what to paint on their bodies. People work tattoos according to their own feelings, their own emotions and […]

40 Landscape Tattoo Ideas

The best spending money is the one we spend on trips. Travel enriches our lives and spreads our aspects. The places we visited are a wealth that can never be lost. By introducing new people, their culture and way of life, their customs, and history, we spread the limits of our own mind and soul. […]

35 Whale Tattoo Ideas

People have different attitudes when it comes to tattooing. Some approve it, some consider unnecessary to draw on the body. As with everything else, this is also a matter of taste, and for tattoo lovers in our gallery we present tattoos of the whale.

40+ Cute Dog Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo idea has never stopped on the subjects of deep meanings, but it could be animals or pets of everyday life. In the field of animal tattoos, from wild animals, tiger tattoo or lion tattoo, to various sea animal tattoos, tattoo artist could always find ideas to carve and ink unique tattoo designs based on […]

45+ Turtle Tattoo Design Ideas

Turtle Tattoo

Certainly there are no people in the world who at least did not think once about tattoos – even those who do not have them most likely wanted them at some point in their lives. Tattoos are a beautiful way of decorating the body. Turtles were inhabitants of the country long before dinosaurs appeared. Their […]


Snake Tattoo on thigh

Snakes remind people of frightful bites or viper. When it comes to tattoo, snake tattoos are intimate and dynamic, which would bring fresh look to your body if you have right design. Well, if you are a fan of snake you will agree with me that snakes are definitely wonderful creatures that have got bad […]

75 Cute Bee Tattoo Ideas

Bee Tattoo

Although the cute bee tattoos are rare and sometimes ignored, but they really makes the great point to have it inked on the body. The worker bee has remained as the emblem for the Manchester since the Industrial Revolution, representing hard work of the city. But people across the city endowed it with new meanings […]

40+ Stunning War Themed Tattoos

War Tattoo

The desire for decorating the body and improving the aesthetic appearance is at the heart of every man. Some people decorate their bodies with makeup but many of them are opting for a more permanent form – tattoos. Very often the purpose of tattoos is to be a nice detail on the body, but equally […]