60+Rabbit Tattoo Ideas for Your Inspiration

Rabbit Tattoo

Tattoos are a modern form of decorating the body on which an increasing percentage of people decides. On the bodies, it is possible to see images that look like real works of art, inspirational messages, or letters that remind us on someone whom we wanted to immortalize on our body. This is fashion that people […]

60 Hourglass Tattoo Ideas

At night when we lie down in the bedroom, time elapses with clock ticking. We don’t care doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. People who cherish time measure time. To stay positive in life, hourglass tattoo is notice us every existence on the planet. Stop worrying about the things that are irrelevant to our lives. Maybe […]

50 Sword Tattoo Ideas

sword with rose tattoo-3

Women in the modern world managed to win fight for equality with men. We, women, like to be strong and independent to buy ourselves nice clothes, jewelry, shoes, paying our own travels, nights out, haircuts, manicure, pedicure, and all our desires which are often not modest but we count into normal life and not a […]

30+ Lighthouse Tattoo Ideas


The ocean is wild and mystery. When a ship voyages in the ocean and encounters danger, the dim light from a lamp on the rock will send hope to the crew members. The Lighthouse that is built on the coasts, islands is to assist the sailors while sailing. The lighthouse tattoos symbolize hope and strength. […]

25 Amazing White Henna Designs

White Henna Design-6

Let your imagination run wild and try this trend. Art is wonderful. When a man is inspired and has imagination he can create beauty from nothing. And so in this case, when you work henna tattoos on the hands and feet as Indian women you will not need jewelry to look sensual. With a little […]

30+ Indian Elephant Tattoos – Symbolism and Design Ideas


India is a country with a rich culture and long history that brought its contribution to the development of the art of tattooing. Here the notable attention is given to the elephant, which refers to the holy and the most revered animal. The image of this large creature embraces a lot of beliefs, associations and […]

The Symbolic Identity of the Marquesan Tattoo

marquesan tattoo-25

In the traditional Polynesian society, tattooing is a clothing, a language, a symbol of power and a claim to fame. The social mark registered in the skin served as a kind of map identity to the individual. So wearing a Marquesan tattoo is a way to show a distinction between the Polynesians, marking their rank […]

30+ Couple Tattoo Ideas

together forever couple tattoo

Once you’re in a relationship you would want to share your love with your partner in many ways. There have been a lot of trends revolving couples and how they can share their love for each otter and one of the most popular would be the couple shirts, there are also couple bracelets, couple necklaces […]