30+ Couple Tattoo Ideas

together forever couple tattoo

Once you’re in a relationship you would want to share your love with your partner in many ways. There have been a lot of trends revolving couples and how they can share their love for each otter and one of the most popular would be the couple shirts, there are also couple bracelets, couple necklaces […]

30 Inspirational Semicolon Tattoo Designs

semicolon tattoo

The meaning of semicolon tattoo You might have noticed one of trends in tattoo design in the recent years is simplicity. For instant, semicolon tattoo, as in the punctuation mark (;), gained its popularity for multiple reasons. It’s simple and it can be incorporated in a lot of different designs. But the best of all […]

40+ Mountain Tattoo Ideas

mountain sleeve tattoo

Mountains are often deemed as mystical places and hard to navigate. Mountain Tattoos give the impression of mysticism and even enchanting things. Although this could seem like its plausible meaning, it actually just depends on the interpretation. You, as the bearer of such a tattoo, could be the only one who could give exact meaning […]

40+ Spine Tattoo Ideas for Women

Cherry blossoms spine tattoo-4

Touch of Delicateness Tattoos, although are very versatile, are usually associated with men. It’s stereotyping but it is what the common folks would think about. They would be thinking of those rugged and macho designs that we commonly see on rugged and macho men on TV shows with muscles bulging and filled with tattoos from […]

50+ Amazing Calf Tattoos

Calf Tattoo--47

There are different ways to tell a story; 1) orally, where you tell it to people you know 2) through writing, where you create books or simple journals you can get back to and read anytime 3) through social media, which of course is probably the most popular these days where you share what’s happening […]

45 Inspirational Forest Tattoo Ideas

Black and grey pine trees on forearm for men

Forest is abundant in life and mysteries and the same goes with symbolism. Forest tattoo is a symbol of life, serenity and rejuvenation. Its meaning has been widen as time goes by. And these meanings have been carried throughout the modern times. Forests continue to symbolize many things even in tattoos. Forests have been part […]

55+ Incredible cover up tattoos before and after

Camouflage faded ink with space planets on back

Whenever you get a tattoo, you really have to think well what the design would be. This is very important since unlike art pieces on paper, tattoos are not very easy to erase or take off. Actually it’s not impossible. You can have the tattoo removed or get a cover up tattoo, but you need […]

50 Mysterious Yin Yang Tattoo Designs

fish yinyang tattoo-2

Probably one of the most popular tattoos of Chinese philosophy is the Yin Yang symbols. Basically they represent perfect balance in life. If you take a closer look into the Chinese way of life, they focus greatly on the concept of Yin and Yang. These are opposites that interact within people and are thought of […]