50 Dark Black Backgrounds

When the kids grow up, their perspective on color may shift from lovely to maturate. Many of them may fall in love with deep color, especially black backgrounds. Although the black color links to some of the negative meanings traditionally, such as death, night, sadness, horror, the black backgrounds appear cool and different with design […]

50+ Cool iPhone Wallpapers for Your Inspiration

HD BR Drops Last week I changed the theme of my iPhone, which prompted me to have a search on the net. Here’s the outcome – 50+ cool iPhone wallpapers. Most of them are free for individual use. Some of them are packs which you can pick and download on the linked page.

20 Blue Carton Wallpapers for Kids

Alex Madagascar

Blue is a very popular color in carton design. Today I collected 20 free carton wallpapers from different sources. All in blue themes and most on popular game characters. Hope you enjoy the gifts and find inspiration.