50 Examples of Cool Backgrounds

Background plays an important role in designing any of graphics, banners or ads. Cool backgrounds are always essential to make your design fashionably attractive or impressive to your audience.

So what is cool? The aesthetics of cool reminds us of synonyms of fashionable, stylish, chic in our modern world, which has close link to fashion industry.

Cool backgrounds are also used as the theme of your desktop, iPhone, iPad or website. In this post, I collected 50 examples of artistically cool backgrounds of different subjects for your inspiration. Check out the link below the image and view more portfolio of the author.

3D paint splashes

Dots Rainbow Umbrella Background

Cool background

Please visit the Sky Village

Chiri wishes every villager in Pokimono world would visit her beloved sky village.

Beautiful Cherry blossoms Background

Beautiful Cherry Clossoms Cool Background

Night Sky Custom Cool Background

Night Sky Custom Cool Background

Chocolate Bubble Beach cool background

Chocolate Bubble Beach

Fire in the Sky cool background

Fire in the Sky

Premade Background

Premade Background

Premade Background

Wonderland cool background


Apple News wallpaper

Wooden Apple Wallpaper

Background Bokeh

Oriental Foods Background

Black White Floral Background

Gras Background Stock

Race through the pink falls


Angelic Background


Graffiti Background

Game Background

High in the sky

Floating island

City Background Concept Art

Northern Light Background

Fairtytale Bokeh Stock

Premade Background

Dotted / bokeh background

Art of Photography

Cloud Background

Surreal Dark Background

The Motion Picture

Pretty Purple Background

Wild City

Galanthus in the evening city

Mars City

Dream House

Web Background

Blue Background

Youtube Layouts FREE for use


Bubble Sky Background 1

Custom box bg 1

Iphone Android water drops

Premade Background

IPhone Wooden Background

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