Creative Foodscapes by Carl Warner

Born in Liverpool, England in 1963, Carl Warner is a photographer who has completed a creative project – Foodscapes series in London. He captured special landscapes sculpted entirely from food – fruits, vegetables, musherooms, cheese, bread, fish, ice cream and more. It looks like to walk into a fantasy world or wonderland at first glance.

Amazon Kayak

Yellow Oasis




Ukraine Meat Stadium


Ukraine Meat Factory

Billy Connolly


Tuscany Landscape small


Stilton Cottage


Salmon Sea


Rialto Bridge


Red Scorpion


Pumpkin Paradise


Prawn Again Crustaceans


London Skyline




Cucumber Bridge


Crab Cave


Corals cape


Chrysler Building

Vege head


Chinese Junk


Cheeses cape


Cheese Volcano


Celery Island Portrait


Cart Balloons


Candy Cottage


Brocolli Forest


Bread Village


Autumn Flakes


Aloma Window Final


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