Digital Art by Henning Ludvigsen

Henning Ludvigsen was born in Holmestrand, Norway, a small town one hour south of Oslo.

From an early age Henning was always painting and drawing, keenly interested in putting imagination to paper or canvas. At the age of 16 he followed up on this interest and enrolled in a traditional art school for two years. Upon his graduation he secured work in the advertisement industry and began a determined and steady climb up the ladder. After only 9 years Henning was sitting in the position of Art Director for a medium sized advertisement agency.

Alongside his career, however, Henning always worked on ongoing hobby projects and personal creative endeavors, and in 2003 one of these offered an exciting opportunity to switch over into computer game development. Henning seized the opportunity and, leaving family, friends and country behind he moved, with no small amount of apprehension, to Athens, Greece where he began work on an exciting new task. Today Henning is still a partner of Aventurine S.A. from his home town of Holmestrand, Norway, developing the MMORPG Darkfall Online, a revolutionary online game offering players a unique and beautiful world where they may slaughter each other en mass. Henning now works as the Art Director for Rock Pocket Games AS in Tønsberg, Norway.










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