Fashion Illustrations by Soleil Ignacio

Soleil Ignacio is a fashion & beauty freelancer illustrator from Manila, Philippines. She graduated from the University of the Philippines with a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication. Soleil’s works combine stylish feminine figures with retro, fantasy elements, presenting a strong expressive effect.

Soleil Ignacio-1

Soleil Ignacio-5

Soleil Ignacio-4

Soleil Ignacio-2

Soleil Ignacio-3

Soleil Ignacio-16

Soleil Ignacio-17

Soleil Ignacio-18

Soleil Ignacio-19

Soleil Ignacio-6

Soleil Ignacio-7

Soleil Ignacio-8

Soleil Ignacio-9

Soleil Ignacio-10

Soleil Ignacio-11

Soleil Ignacio-12

Soleil Ignacio-13

Soleil Ignacio-14

Soleil Ignacio-15

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