Figurative Paintings by Hamish Blakely

The last to leave

A painting should speak for itself. The latest work of British artist Hamish Blakely features a sensual analysis of a couple dancing the tango, and as with most of these dance pieces, there is a deliberate balance between implied carnality and genuine tenderness.

Hamish Blakely studied at Wimbledon School of Art and Kingston University. Shortly after leaving college he became an illustrator and received a national award. During this time he also maintained a stock of personal work which he exhibited through galleries in London.

‘As far as subject matter is concerned, I have always loved painting people, favouring glimpses of figures and anatomy. Even in the enormous, allegorical works of classical masters, I have always been drawn to confined areas of a piece – a spot lit area that reveals a rigid jaw line or the twist in a turned neck.’

The dreamers

Tango rouge


Red dress

Only with you

Moroccan blue

Lost and found in havana


Danse de reve






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