Hairstyles for long hair

When it comes to hairstyles for long hair, styles inspired by the iconography are always extremely fashionable. And if you love the vibes, no worries, you can always choose the romantic, soft waves and the wild, glam look of that inspiring decade. Plus, retro hairstyles for long hair continue to be fashionable, especially the short fringe style (which was extremely popular in the ’20s) or the many hairstyles inspired by Amy Winehouse, with her voluminous hair and her interesting clips.

The beach wave style, for those who love the freedom of the ’60s with a touch of post-modernity, represents another interesting choice, especially for the summer. And if we are talking about the 60’s, we can’t forget the entirely smooth, Japanese style, with its beautiful fringe (the real protagonist of this peculiar hairstyle). Remember, however, that the hairstyles for long hair you choose should always mirror your personality and your personal style. Choose the colours carefully, think about who you are and where you are in your life… and do not close creativity out of the house!

Colours And More

Colours allow you to play with your long hair like nothing else. Think about strands and shades, choose unusual colours such as yellow, green, purple, blue and orange. Make sure your coloured strands create a strong contrast, a gritty one, with the rest of the hair and you’ll certainly be noticed. You can also decide to arrange the strands in intriguing ways, letting them appear like precious stones, hidden but always visible whenever you move.

If you opt for blond hairstyles, you should probably drop the platinum, unless you really like it. Choose discrete tones, like a warm, soft amber, and play with reflections and shades, use gentle light strokes, go for the natural look. If you like playing with your hair in the summer, you should know that wet look hairstyles for long hair are still extremely fashionable. And if you have curly hair, don’t worry too much, tousled curls and natural look will never be out of fashion.

Choose Your Own Style

Some people love hairstyles for long air because they are enchanted by the idea of letting their hair flow freely on their shoulders. Minimalist or wild, hairstyles for long hair can be the perfect solution if you are a free spirit. However, it is also true that elegant chignons and the classic French braid are still the protagonists of some of the most beautiful hairstyles for long hair.

You make the rules, you create your own style. Move beyond labels and stereotypes, be playful and courageous. You can run through a century of hairstyles for long hair in one year, changing according to your mood or following the seasons as they come and go. Don’t be afraid to use accessories and change colours if you want. Let your creativity drive you: it will be a beautiful journey.

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