1. ehhhh, not bad by any means, but his human analogs are much too old in many cases. Lets not forget here, Cammy (aka Killer Bee her Shadaloo pseudonym) is roughly 16 years old. Same or similar goes for Sakura and Makoto. While Ken looks pretty accurate, he still looks too old. But other than my age nitpicking, very cool art.

    • Uh, all Street Fighters have 16 year old Cammy ass. Not to mention that Apocwar made no mention of her ass.
      So basically, you’re the perv here.

  2. They are decent, but almost all are sloppy. Which is to say, not seamless.

    You can often see threw the photos and see where you photoshopped hands into place, placed 3d object over models etc.

    Some more than other- like say Rose is pretty seamless, but Dahlsim and Chun Li- you can see how you bend and skewed the hands etc.

    Good effort though.

  3. Power K.

    Ur comments are waaaaay to technical, and missing the point.

    and not waay to technical in the nerd sense, more along the border line douchey sense.

    …no offense.

  4. how come no one mentioned that every other Japanese character at least looks Japanese save for Ryu?!

  5. @Kingblak – Power K is correct. There are terrible, sloppy mistakes all over this stuff. It’s a good thing these aren’t for anything professional.

    Ken’s hair line sticks out like a sore thumb. You can see through Zangief’s mohawk. Chun-li’s hand is out of proportion and the lighting does not match at all. Sakura is all wrong, but for a different reason – she’s supposed to be a kid, and that figure is far too womanly.

    Ryu is good, though. So, there’s that.

    • I dunno, to me Ryu looks too white, and not japanese at all, which obv he’s supposed to be.

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